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Sound Syrup

Jan 22, 2024 1:00 PM â€“ 3:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With JeffB

Disjointed musical selections held together with sticky notes and suction cups

Last winter break fill in

Sound Syrup
1:00 PM
Howard Hello - The One
Howard Hello The One
Thank You Temporary Residence Ltd. 2004
1:05 PM
NewDad - Let Go
NewDad Let Go
MADRA Atlantic Records UK 2023 Rock
1:08 PM
Plattenbau - Stadtgrenze
Plattenbau Stadtgrenze
Net Prophet Dedstrange 2023 Rock
1:10 PM
Simple Minds - Life In a Day
Simple Minds Life In a Day
Life In a Day Virgin Records 1979 Rock
1:14 PM
Crows - Sad Lad
Crows Sad Lad Crows
Beware Believers Bad Vibrations Records 2022 Rock
1:20 PM
GRLwood - Get Shot
GRLwood Get Shot
I Sold My Soul to the Devil When I Was 12 sonaBLAST! Records 2019
1:22 PM
The Pop Group - We Are Time
The Pop Group We Are Time
Y Mute 1979 Pop
1:26 PM
Liars - Mr Your On Fire Mr
Liars Mr Your On Fire Mr
They Threw Us All In A Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top Mute 2002 Pop
1:29 PM
Fat Dog - All The Same
Fat Dog All The Same
All The Same Domino Recording Co 2024
1:32 PM
Chairmen Of The Board - Give Me Just A Little More Time
Chairmen Of The Board Give Me Just A Little More Time
Soul Agenda Vex 2009 R&B/Soul
1:34 PM
Coucou Babe - Lavenderbees
Coucou Babe Lavenderbees
Lavenderbees DISTROKID 2023
1:38 PM
Drowning Pool - Tap Tap
Drowning Pool Tap Tap
Aphonia Fundamental 1988 Goth Rock
1:39 PM
Dr Sure's Unusual Practice - Ghost Ship
Dr Sure's Unusual Practice Ghost Ship
Demos 1 Critter Records 2021
1:42 PM
Erase Errata - Billy Mummy
Erase Errata Billy Mummy
Other Animals Inconvenient Press And Recordings 2001 Rock
1:46 PM
Chrome - You've Been Duplicated
Chrome You've Been Duplicated
Half Machine Lip Moves / Alien Soundtracks Cleopatra 1979 Classical
1:46 PM
Monogold - Wind or Hymn
Monogold Wind or Hymn
The Softest Glow Monogold 2011 Pop
1:50 PM
John Cale - Barracuda
John Cale Barracuda
Fear Island Records US 1974 CD Rock
1:56 PM
IDLES - Dancer
IDLES Dancer
Dancer Partisan Records 2023
2:00 PM
Medicine - Move Along - Down The Road
Medicine Move Along - Down The Road
Home Everywhere Captured Tracks 2014 Rock
2:03 PM
The Soft Moon - Dead Love
The Soft Moon Dead Love
The Soft Moon Captured Tracks 2010
2:07 PM
Free the Robots - Drifter
Free the Robots Drifter
Kaduwa VYDIA - Astral Travels 2022
2:09 PM
New Candys - Everything's Fucking Boring (feat. Bugo)
New Candys Everything's Fucking Boring (feat. Bugo)
Everything's Fucking Boring (feat. Bugo) Dischi Sotterranei 2023
2:13 PM
Vitor Brauer - Um Novo Dia
Vitor Brauer Um Novo Dia
Tréinquinumpára 02: Rio de Janeiro Vitor Brauer 2024
2:15 PM
The Tights - China's Eternal
The Tights China's Eternal
The Cherry Red Records Singles Collection - Part 1 Cherry Red Records 1978 Rock
2:23 PM
The Wolfgang Press - Christianity
The Wolfgang Press Christianity
Funky Little Demons 4AD 1995
2:27 PM
Phrazes - Double Vision Pt. 2
Phrazes Double Vision Pt. 2
Double Vision Pt. 2 - Single tent tapes 2023 Rock
2:35 PM
Dub Thompson - Hayward!
Dub Thompson Hayward!
9 Songs Dead Oceans 2014 Rock
2:37 PM
The Psychedelic Furs - It Goes On
The Psychedelic Furs It Goes On
Talk Talk Talk Columbia 1981 Pop
2:42 PM
Chapterhouse - Autosleeper
Chapterhouse Autosleeper
Whirlpool Sony Music UK 1990 Rock
2:47 PM
Cigarettes for Breakfast - Drifting
Cigarettes for Breakfast Drifting
Join the Circus (Deluxe Version) Cigarettes for Breakfast 2023
2:50 PM
Mamalarky - Shining Armor
Mamalarky Shining Armor
Pocket Fantasy Fire Talk 2022
2:52 PM
Jah Wobble - Poptones
Jah Wobble Poptones Keith Levene, John Lydon, John Joseph Wardle
Metal Box - Rebuilt in Dub Cleopatra Records 2021 Rock
3:03 PM
Torneo - Suffer In Silence
Torneo Suffer In Silence
Suffer In Silence Torneo 2023 Rock
3:05 PM
Bill Nelson - Acceleration
Bill Nelson Acceleration
Chimera UMC (Universal Music Catalogue) 1982 Pop
Chat is archived.
Bot Helper® 1:06:25 PM
Your voice sounds tanned
JeffB (host) 1:07:02 PM
it *was* sunburned
Bot Helper® 1:09:52 PM
PiGuy 1:10:43 PM
Here's to going out on a high note for the season.
JeffB (host) 1:12:46 PM
i'll try Pi Guy :)
JeffB (host) 1:13:00 PM
(that was supposed to rhyme)
Bot Helper® 1:16:41 PM
ugh the bug is back
Bot Helper® 1:17:19 PM
when I click the letter "k", the Ark Player starts up
Bot Helper® 1:21:09 PM
Your daughter listens to CDs? Is that a retro thing for the kids?
DJ Simon 1:22:27 PM
Hi Jeff, et al
PiGuy 1:23:43 PM
Where does one even play a CD these days? Laptops don't have them, cars don't. Of course Jeff, you would have all sorts of gear to play them.
Bot Helper® 1:25:05 PM
Fans buy cassettes, too. I imagine someone is manufacturing new cassette decks.
JeffB (host) 1:29:04 PM
my daughter listens to vinyl records, lately buying from former ZBC DJ Dave Plunkett's record shop. But according to her, GRLwood are CD only, no vinyl available. Her car has a six CD changer plus a slot CD player in the dashboard. She figured out while driving changing CD's and tracks using buttons built into the steering wheel is safer than fumbling with Spotify on her iPhone.
Bot Helper® 1:41:54 PM
Loved the Plattenbau sound. When I first saw it, I thought "plates-building"? Maybe it's an idiom-- "building made of plates" like our "house of cards."
Bot Helper® 1:42:05 PM
Then I ran it through a translator and got "slab construction"
JeffB (host) 1:48:06 PM
yeah I couldn't tell if "Plattenbau" was a housing project or massive art project in East Berlin.
ricklistens. 1:52:30 PM
thanks for giving us a break....listen to you later
Bot Helper® 2:09:14 PM
OMG, that's horrible news, I love Soft Moon!
JeffB (host) 2:11:17 PM
yeah sad news
Richard Random 2:34:13 PM
Thank you, Jeff for all the great fill in shows.
JeffB (host) 2:35:16 PM
thank you for *listening* RR :)