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Gulls Window Circus

May 21, 2024 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM


With Carl Thien

In the same way that a seagull locates the one good piece of food inside of a crumpled up brown bag blown underneath a car after a worker’s lunch break, Carl finds the one good

song hidden at the end of side 2 on a dusty record in a forgotten corner of a record store,

and brings new finds to you every week on Gulls Window Circus, weaving a story that

never repeats itself as it ebbs and flows through time, geography and genre.


The twelfth and final week in the Gulls Window Circus folk-like series. The show starts with 4 artists that were missed when their letter was covered in this alphabetical series, then picks up with the letter W and wraps with the artist Zuzu’s Petals. There was extra space, so 2 tracks from the ‘Sumer Is Icumen In’ compilation close out the second hour. The John Wonderling and Robert Wyatt tracks are no-brainers for this series, but folk-like sounds have been uncovered by even the most unlikeliest of artists here, so give yourself a treat and find music that brings unexpected riches to your mind.

Gulls Window Circus
5:00 PM
Chico Hamilton - Stacy
Chico Hamilton Stacy
The Master Craft Recordings 2023
5:04 PM
The Lune - No, No
The Lune No, No
Sill Aesthetics 1997
5:06 PM
Grant McLennan - What Went Wrong
Grant McLennan What Went Wrong
Horsebreaker Star Beggars Banquet 1994
5:16 PM
Suzi Quatro - Angel Flight
Suzi Quatro Angel Flight
Quatro Chrysalis Catalogue 2023
5:22 PM
Brian Wilson - Lay Down Burden
Brian Wilson Lay Down Burden
Playback: The Brian Wilson Anthology Rhino Records 2017
5:26 PM
Dennis Wilson - Thoughts Of You
Dennis Wilson Thoughts Of You
Pacific Ocean Blue Music On Vinyl 1977
5:28 PM
Windsurf - Vapour Trails
Windsurf Vapour Trails
Weird Energy Catune 2012
5:34 PM
Edgar Winter - Alta Mira
Edgar Winter Alta Mira
The Definitive Collection Real Gone Music 2016
5:38 PM
John Wonderling - Someone Like You
John Wonderling Someone Like You
Day Breaks Flashback 2017
5:42 PM
Chris Wood - Tone Blind Rhythm Deaf
Chris Wood Tone Blind Rhythm Deaf
Moon Child Vulcan HiddenMasters 2017
5:45 PM
Ron Wood - Far East Man
Ron Wood Far East Man
I’ve Got My Own Album To Do Friday Music 2020
5:50 PM
World Of Pooh - On, On And One
World Of Pooh On, On And One
The Land Of Thirst Starlight Furniture Co. 2017
5:54 PM
Link Wray - La De Da
Link Wray La De Da
Link Wray Future Days Recordings 2017
6:00 PM
Wreckless Eric - The World Revolved Around Me
Wreckless Eric The World Revolved Around Me
Construction Time And Demolition SOUTHERN DOMESTIC ‎ 2018 LP
6:02 PM
The Wrens - Destruction/Drawn
The Wrens Destruction/Drawn
Secaucus Craft Recordings 2021
6:04 PM
Robert Wyatt - Free Will And Testament
Robert Wyatt Free Will And Testament
His Greatest Misses Domino 2020
6:08 PM
Bill Wyman - Soul Satisfying
Bill Wyman Soul Satisfying
Stone Alone Rolling Stones Records 1976
6:12 PM
XTC - Another Satellite
XTC Another Satellite
Skylarking Ape House 2018
6:17 PM
Yo La Tengo - The Fireside
Yo La Tengo The Fireside
Popular Songs Matador 2016
6:27 PM
Young Marble Giants - The Clock
Young Marble Giants The Clock
Colossal Youth / Loose Ends And Sharp Cuts Domino 2020
6:30 PM
Zenamon - Xingu
Zenamon Xingu
Zenamon Private Records 2015
6:35 PM
Zephyr - Keep Me
Zephyr Keep Me
Going Back To Colorado Warner Bros. Records 1971
6:40 PM
Tucker Zimmerman - Someone's Crazy Plan
Tucker Zimmerman Someone's Crazy Plan
Over Here In Europe Big Potato Records 2023
6:44 PM
The Zombies - The Sun Will Rise Again
The Zombies The Sun Will Rise Again
Different Game Cooking Vinyl 2023
6:47 PM
ZuZu's Petals - Johnny
ZuZu's Petals Johnny
The Music Of Your Life Twin/Tone Records 1994
6:53 PM
Lal Waterson - The Scarecrow (Demo Version)
Lal Waterson The Scarecrow (Demo Version)
Sumer Is Icumen In (The Pagan Sound Of British And Irish Folk 1966-75) Grapefruit Records 2020
6:59 PM
Jan Dukes De Grey - Sorcerers
Jan Dukes De Grey Sorcerers
Sumer Is Icumen In (The Pagan Sound Of British And Irish Folk 1966-75) Grapefruit Records 2020
Chat is archived.
Carl Thien (host) 4:52:30 PM
Carl Thien (host) 5:01:27 PM
hope everyone is staying cool (those of you not here, it is HOT out)
Carl Thien (host) 5:06:21 PM
Mark Romano, owner/cook of Highland Kitchen in Somerville, was drummer in The Lune. Jeff Goddard (Karate) was bass/trumpet
Carl Thien (host) 5:12:36 PM
Grant McLennan was Go-Betweens guitarist
I Heart Noise 5:18:43 PM
Suzi Quatro did an interesting cover of Warm Leatherette
I Heart Noise 5:18:56 PM
Did not expect that from her
Carl Thien (host) 5:20:25 PM
not sure what you mean, but it IS very different sound for her
Carl Thien (host) 5:20:37 PM
The Normal?
I Heart Noise 5:21:01 PM
Yep - that one
I Heart Noise 5:21:31 PM
I tend to think of her as a classic rock type, so this was...different
I Heart Noise 5:21:40 PM
I Heart Noise 5:22:10 PM
I Heart Noise 5:22:24 PM
She covered Golfdrapp as well...interesting
Carl Thien (host) 5:23:48 PM
I can't open that link (I have an ad blocker). Suzi has SO MANY records. There is a great fairly recent documentary of her
I Heart Noise 5:24:40 PM
I think my main exposure to her was that song she did with Smokie
I Heart Noise 5:24:46 PM
Stumbling In
David Harden 5:33:10 PM
Good afternoon
ricklistens 5:35:55 PM
hey....folk finale
Carl Thien (host) 5:38:33 PM
yes, it is
ricklistens 5:40:34 PM
walked in to hear Edgar winter on this warm summery day
Carl Thien (host) 5:41:30 PM
sounds just about perfect to me!
Carl Thien (host) 5:42:37 PM
Chris wood did sax in Traffic and was always cited as Traffic's secret diamond
Carl Thien (host) 5:45:41 PM
this is one nice track - enjoy
Carl Thien (host) 5:50:42 PM
early Barbara Manning
I Heart Noise 5:52:56 PM
This is some woozy psych
I Heart Noise 5:54:22 PM
and this sounds so familiar
I Heart Noise 5:54:31 PM
ah yes, Link Wray
I Heart Noise 5:56:26 PM
Interesting song, because it seems different from whatever he's usually associated with
I Heart Noise 5:56:58 PM
I almost get Dr. John or Beatles vibe there
Carl Thien (host) 5:57:59 PM
I Heart Noise 6:05:37 PM
Wyatt makes me think of a lot of electronic/trip-hop music
I Heart Noise 6:05:53 PM
How he predated a lot of those things by decades
Carl Thien (host) 6:06:23 PM
agreed - the drum and underwash are the same
Carl Thien (host) 6:36:33 PM
Zephyr was early Tommy Bolin, an artist (guitar/vocal) that I really love
ricklistens 6:44:00 PM
your crazy plan worked out marvelously folks
Carl Thien (host) 6:45:26 PM
this was the most ambitious thing I've done yet... BUT... next week
Carl Thien (host) 6:48:06 PM
this is the last alphabet song (weep)
Carl Thien (host) 6:49:08 PM
Next week starts the folk-unlike series. Same artists, same alphabetical, but the restraint of finding the song that has a folk feel is removed, so you get to hear a lot of lesser-played artists, with me playing the song I like best, not the song that has a folk-like feel. Since usually those songs are longer than the folk ones, this folk-unlike series will be more than 12 weeks, I'll bet
I Heart Noise 6:49:27 PM
Zuzu's Petals were on Husker Du tribute
I Heart Noise 6:49:45 PM
Du Huskers - tribute to Zen Arcade
crank 6:54:04 PM
Zuzu’s petals, isn’t that the name of a cafe in Cambridge?
Carl Thien (host) 6:54:23 PM
yes, it is!
Carl Thien (host) 6:55:03 PM
the name has to do with the film 'its a wonderful life'
Kevin Gross 6:55:38 PM
June Tabor's version of this song is worth a listen or two.
I Heart Noise 6:56:14 PM
Wasn't aware of the connection...whoa (Zuzu's and Zuzu's Petals, that is)
Carl Thien (host) 6:56:41 PM
Kevin - thanks for that tip
crank 6:57:33 PM
Ohhh, I was wondering what the vertex of all these zuzu references was haha
Carl Thien (host) 6:58:03 PM
wasn't thinking of the Middle East offshoot - there is a wine bar in Inman Square called Zuzu's Petals (on Hampshire st)
crank 6:58:25 PM
I’ve never been to Zuzu’s Petals, but I hear it’s good. I wonder if they know there was a band with that name
crank 6:58:41 PM
Yeah, the wine bar
Carl Thien (host) 6:58:51 PM
crank - they were an all-girl band before that was very common. Sometimes they reminded me of Salem 66
ricklistens 6:59:08 PM
thanks...listening forward to the circus’ next act
Carl Thien (host) 6:59:19 PM
I believe you will!
crank 7:00:42 PM
Thanks y’all, btw, am I hallucinating or was this show on 88.1 earlier?