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Dream Sequence

May 21, 2024 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With Krista

Psych rock mixed with pop, punk, and fuzz

Dream Sequence
4:03 PM
Hamada - Mirror
Hamada Mirror
Mirror Hamada Record 2024 Rock
4:09 PM
Population II - La Danse
Population II La Danse Population II
À La Ô Terre Castle Face 2020 Rock
4:12 PM
Fire Whale - The Sounds of the Giant
Fire Whale The Sounds of the Giant
The Fiery Surf Fire Whale 2022
4:19 PM
Mermaidens - Slow Days
Mermaidens Slow Days Lily Paris West, Gussie Larkin, Abe Hollingsworth
Undergrowth Flying Out 2016 Rock
4:24 PM
Lagunas Mentales - Sunday Floating Mood
Lagunas Mentales Sunday Floating Mood
Lagunas Mentales BYM Records 2018
4:29 PM
Twen - Stunts
Twen Stunts Jane Katherine Fitzsimmons, Ian Rollins Jones
Stunts DISTROKID 2024
4:33 PM
Tekla Goldman - Dance Macabre
Tekla Goldman Dance Macabre Jędrzej Sudnikowicz, Maciej Łabudzki
Epka Tekla Goldman 2022
4:38 PM
Duck Duck Grey Duck - Cloud Eyes
Duck Duck Grey Duck Cloud Eyes Robin Girod, Nelson Schaer, Pierre Henri Beyrière
Traffic Jam (Acid & Sweat) Casbah Records 2018
4:41 PM
Boston Cream - Wave
Boston Cream Wave
Feels Funny Rock Slop 2019 Punk
4:44 PM
Umm - Idiot Child
Umm Idiot Child
Double Worshipper Majestic Litter 2017 Rock
4:50 PM
Petite Amie - Otra Vez
Petite Amie Otra Vez Carlos Humberto Medina San Millán, Aline Terrein de la Cruz, Isabel Dosal Audirac, Santiago Fernández Reyes, Jacobo Velázquez Gutiérrez
Otra Vez Devil in the Woods 2022 Pop
4:57 PM
Room Service - Blitz
Room Service Blitz Christian Strupler, René Odermatt, Andreas Spörri, Lisa Brombach
Blitz / Parasol Happy House Records 2023 Rock
Chat is archived.
Lew Benjamin 4:31:45 PM
Hamada- loved song, but can’t find information on them on Bandcamp. Can you enlighten?
Krista (host) 4:39:42 PM
It's a good one! Wish I could help out, just found them through Spotify this past week. No bio or anything :/
I Heart Noise 4:42:47 PM
Boston Cream - great band
I Heart Noise 4:43:11 PM
Saw them at Lilypad awhile ago
Krista (host) 4:46:25 PM
They're awesome! Saw them last month at the Rockwell, I was glad to catch them since I wasn't sure if they were still active
JeffB 5:01:45 PM
Krista - *Phenomenal* show this week and last week thank you for the Sonic Bliss..