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Sound Syrup

May 28, 2024 8:30 AM â€“ 10:00 AM

ZBC Rock

With JeffB

This is a secret radio show requires an encryption key that unlocks 90.3 FM.

Without the key, all you'll hear is static, post punk, shoegaze, test tones, melodic dream-pop punctuated by pink noise and eerie soundscapes.

LIVE from way off campus

SoundSyrup is on EVERY OTHER week at 9am (or earlier) for the summer break.

Alternating with Bradley Jay's IGNORE the MACHINE.

Thanks for listening

<SS MixCloud link will go here if this show gets posted there>

Sound Syrup
8:37 AM
Astoria - Thieves
Astoria Thieves
Thieves - Single SYNTHSIREN 2024 Pop
8:40 AM
Ailleurs - FantĂ´me
Ailleurs FantĂ´me
Ailleurs 2024
8:45 AM
I Break Horses - l a r m
I Break Horses l a r m
Warnings Bella Union 2020
8:50 AM
Doves - The Cedar Room
Doves The Cedar Room
Lost Souls EMI Records USA, radio@astralwerks.net 2000 CD Rock
8:55 AM
Russian Baths - Bind
Russian Baths Bind
Mirror 2024 Indie Rock
9:00 AM
Flatwaves - Swerve
Flatwaves Swerve
Numbra Abandon Everything Records 2022 Rock
9:01 AM
June Rosewell - The Contortionist
June Rosewell The Contortionist June Ellegra Kolentus
The Contortionist June Kolentus 2024 Indie Pop
9:09 AM
Fuun - Diciembre
Fuun Diciembre
Mala Suerte - Single Arkonte Records 2024 Pop
9:10 AM
English Teacher - R&B
English Teacher R&B
This Could Be Texas Universal-Island Records Ltd. 2024
9:12 AM
Kaelan Mikla - DraumadĂ­s
Kaelan Mikla Draumadís Margrét Rósa, Laufey Soffia, Sólveig Matthildur
Nott eftir nott Artoffact Records 2018 Rock
9:18 AM
Nice Biscuit - Rain - Single Edit
Nice Biscuit Rain - Single Edit Kurt Melvin, Jess Ferronato, Grace Cuell, Nick Cavendish, Billie Star
Rain Bad Vibrations 2024 Rock
9:27 AM
Robber Robber - Backup Plan
Robber Robber Backup Plan Nina Spencer, Zachary James
Backup Plan DISTROKID 2024 Rock
9:32 AM
Wire - Eardrum Buzz (12" Version)
Wire Eardrum Buzz (12" Version)
It's Beginning to and Back Again Mute, a BMG Company 1989 12 Inch Rock
9:41 AM
Blind Architect - Loop
Blind Architect Loop
Loop - Single 2024 Rock
9:41 AM
The Damned - Testify (Live in Mulhouse 1994)
The Damned Testify (Live in Mulhouse 1994)
Shadowed Tales from Mulhouse (Live) Cleopatra Records 2023 Punk
9:42 AM
Link Wray - It's All Over Now Baby Blue
Link Wray It's All Over Now Baby Blue Bob Dylan
Bullshot Line Records 1979 Rock
9:47 AM
Fold Paper - Medical Jargon
Fold Paper Medical Jargon Chell Osuntade
Medical Jargon Midwest Debris 2023 Rock
9:51 AM
Die! Die! Die! - Harmony
Die! Die! Die! Harmony RR
Harmony Die! Die! Die! 2012
9:58 AM
SOFT NO - Take Your Word
SOFT NO Take Your Word
Take Your Word - Single DISTROKID 2024
Chat is archived.
Peter Connolly 8:45:09 AM
Hey Jeff..I must not have the key because all I'm hearing is shoe gaze...
JeffB (host) 8:45:37 AM
Key is available on Amazon :)
ricklistens 8:59:52 AM
good morning
Bruckner44 9:00:07 AM
Mornin’ Jeff b!
JeffB (host) 9:00:25 AM
hey Rick hey Bruck! And never really said hi to you Peter..
John Fisher 9:11:07 AM
are you sure this isn't Dry Cleaning?
Richard Weinfeld 9:11:29 AM
Hi Jeff an all you syrup sippers.
Kevin Polk 9:11:48 AM
checking in from the infirmary
CxemaMusic 9:12:48 AM
Good morning, enjoying the show. English Teacher will be at the Middle East in a couple of weeks
JeffB (host) 9:13:05 AM
wearing my cozy sound slippers Kevin you're not better yet !!?
JeffB (host) 9:13:32 AM
English Teacher - I have tix but can't go, I'll be in GermanY!
Kevin Polk 9:14:16 AM
slowly. the damned show in boston tomorrow night is definitely in peril
Kevin Polk 9:14:20 AM
for me
JeffB (host) 9:20:03 AM
@John Fisher English Teacher *much* more interesting songs than Dry Cleaning.. b
CxemaMusic 9:21:41 AM
I'll take the tickets. Was thinking of going
Bruckner44 9:24:01 AM
Ooh, love the buzz!
JeffB (host) 9:24:57 AM
@CxemaMusic they're yours!
Peter Connolly 9:25:04 AM
you're going to hear dry cleaning later this morning I'm afraid
JeffB (host) 9:25:15 AM
JeffB (host) 9:25:37 AM
@CxemaMusic if you don't have my contact info KOTJ does..
Peter Connolly 9:26:01 AM
They're doing 3 US dates, one in boston and 2 in north Adams..and that appears to be it
JeffB (host) 9:28:25 AM
English Teacher?
CxemaMusic 9:29:43 AM
KOTJ gave me the info
Peter Connolly 9:29:44 AM
dry cleaning
JeffB (host) 9:32:10 AM
saw them at Crystal Ballroom.
paul venturo 9:41:19 AM
hey man, Orange Line Wellington? i'm in medford, are we neighbors sorta?
Jamie_YBN 9:43:29 AM
I'm going to that Madness concert. Not sure if anything can match what we saw at Notch last week (but that might be the beer talking).
JeffB (host) 9:45:11 AM
@ paul v - yes we're sorta neighbors :)
JeffB (host) 9:45:26 AM
@Jamie that was fun at Notch!
paul venturo 9:48:44 AM
cool! let's get a beer!
Jamie_YBN 9:49:27 AM
Lately I've been into the Falco version of it's all over now baby blue. Th
ricklistens 9:49:45 AM
thanks for the syrup w/ my oatmeal
Jamie_YBN 9:50:27 AM
That Falco version is on YouTube. It was not on Patrick Bryant's subject to change show, but that Link Wray one was.
Peter Connolly 9:54:48 AM
Yeah we saw dry cleaning together...my second and probably last time. Saw them at a loft in Brooklyn when we were all wearing masks and had to have proof of vaccination to get in
Peter Connolly 9:57:44 AM
paul venturo 9:58:08 AM
deep cuts is great. best part is i'm in walking distance, so when i can't finish that 2nd beer and shouldn't get behind the wheel...
Richard Weinfeld 9:58:14 AM
Good Syrup this AM.
Peter Connolly 10:00:30 AM
Jamie_YBN 10:01:27 AM
What was that weirdness? Alternate universe?
JeffB (host) 10:02:23 AM
@Jamie this is ZBC.. conventional radio protocols don't apply :) @Richard thx for listening! Thanks all
Jamie Cohen (1) 10:02:56 AM
good morning