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Sound Syrup

Jun 25, 2024 8:30 AM – 10:00 AM

ZBC Rock

With JeffB

Hot and Gooey

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Sound Syrup
8:30 AM
Dutch Interior - Ecig
Dutch Interior Ecig
Ecig - Single 2024
8:31 AM
d'eon - Installation of the Cisterns
d'eon Installation of the Cisterns Chris d’Eon
Leviathan Hausu Mountain 2024
8:34 AM
Tristwch Y Fenywod - Ferch Gyda'r Llygaiud Du
Tristwch Y Fenywod Ferch Gyda'r Llygaiud Du
Tristwch Y Fenywod Night School 2024 Rock
8:40 AM
Dif Juz - The Dub Song
Dif Juz The Dub Song
Who Says So? Red Flame Records 1983 LP
8:44 AM
Durukan Betses - Ne Yaptıysam Senin İçin
Durukan Betses Ne Yaptıysam Senin İçin
Elektrik Tarla Records 2024 Psychedelic
8:49 AM
Huge Molasses Tank Explodes - Bow of Gold
Huge Molasses Tank Explodes Bow of Gold
Bow of Gold Overdrive 2024 Rock
8:56 AM
Twen - Dignitary Life
Twen Dignitary Life
One Stop Shop Twen Enterprises 2022 Rock
8:59 AM
The Contortions - Bedroom Athlete
The Contortions Bedroom Athlete James Chance
Buy ZE Records 1979 Punk
RIP James Chance 1953 – 2024
9:04 AM
Palais Schaumburg - Madonna
Palais Schaumburg Madonna
Palais Schaumburg Phonogram 1983 LP Rock
9:09 AM
Heartworms - Jacked
Heartworms Jacked Jojo Orme
Jacked Speedy Wunderground / [PIAS] 2024
9:13 AM
Bowl - Fresh New Life
Bowl Fresh New Life
Fresh New Life DISTROKID 2024
9:17 AM
Tin Huey - Squirm You Worm
Tin Huey Squirm You Worm
Contents Dislodged During Shipment Rhino/Warner Records 1979 Rock
9:24 AM
Small Pond - Theories of Apocalypse
Small Pond Theories of Apocalypse
Theories of Apocalypse - Single Small Pond 2024 Pop
9:25 AM
Futureheaven - Imber
Futureheaven Imber
Imber - Single Futureheaven 2023 Rock
9:29 AM
Dying Suns - Path Bends On
Dying Suns Path Bends On
Periphera Dying Suns 2024 Rock
9:34 AM
Sundozer - Curio
Sundozer Curio
Death Bloom - EP LOW REV 2024 Rock
9:37 AM
Enola - It's Not Love
Enola It's Not Love
It's Not Love Our Golden Friend 2024
9:42 AM
CARBON DECAY - I Can't Breathe
CARBON DECAY I Can't Breathe
I Can't Breathe - Single words of mass disruption media 2024
MY WAY remix by Jeff
9:45 AM
Thirteen at Midnight - Other Passengers
Thirteen at Midnight Other Passengers
Cherry Red Records 1982 Rock
9:50 AM
Raavi - Chorus Girl
Raavi Chorus Girl Raavi Malik
Chorus Girl Raavi 2022
9:52 AM
ultranøia - astratta
ultranøia astratta
astratta Kosmica Dischi 2024 Rock
9:55 AM
Nick Lowe - Cracking Up
Nick Lowe Cracking Up
Labour of Lust Proper Records 1979
9:58 AM
Moon Diagrams - Big Ref
Moon Diagrams Big Ref Moses Archuleta
Cemetery Classics No Gold 2024
Chat is archived.
JeffB (host) 8:35:35 AM
ok playlist juggling done.. we're on!
Peter Connolly 8:43:26 AM
Hey Jeff!!!
JeffB (host) 8:44:15 AM
yo pete! What you got coming up 10am?
Peter Connolly 8:47:08 AM
a little more poppy start than usual and a little cubby stuff in the 2nd hour for a hot day...and the usual industrial/goth selections!
Peter Connolly 8:47:51 AM
I meant dub by but spelling correction won't let me spell it that way
Richard Weinfeld 8:54:09 AM
The city smelled like molasses for years after. My father was born in the North End where it happened and remembered smelling it as a little kid. Maybe somebody moved back to Italy from the North End and told their grandkids about it. It’s a bizarre story you can’t forget.
JeffB (host) 8:54:50 AM
Rich you're right - Italian neighborhood although back then the North End was more Jewish I think..
Richard Weinfeld 8:55:24 AM
Both. Simultaneously.
Bruckner4 9:00:06 AM
Mornin’ Jeff b!
Richard Weinfeld 9:00:37 AM
My grandparents and Freddie Langone were neighbors. Freddie’s great grandson now lives in Louisville.
JeffB (host) 9:00:55 AM
hey Bruck4!
JeffB (host) 9:01:24 AM
@Richard - living history!
Richard Weinfeld 9:06:13 AM
Just navigating through the sea of random connections and events.
Jacqueline Benevenia 9:10:56 AM
good morning Jeff!!
JeffB (host) 9:11:42 AM
hey Jackie!
Dj w/out 9:18:11 AM
Good morning
Moles Knows 9:25:36 AM
I tuned in for the vegetable PSAs, but all I get is the guy from Prime Country???
JeffB (host) 9:27:26 AM
merle haggard is coming up :)
Peter Connolly 9:27:48 AM
off to meetings...digging the mix this morning...
JeffB (host) 9:28:01 AM
thx pete! When are you back?
Peter Connolly 9:29:28 AM
I should be back around 1030. Possibly sooner
DJ Simon 9:31:42 AM
Hi Jeff!
JeffB (host) 9:32:59 AM
hey DJS!
Kevin Polk 9:34:46 AM
JeffB (host) 9:35:19 AM
Kevin's here!
"PiGuy" 9:37:13 AM
Morning all. Nothing like some Syrup to ease the bitterness of the daily slog in to Boston. Love paving season.
JeffB (host) 9:40:29 AM
Hey PiGuy! Yes paving is fun
JeffB (host) 9:41:58 AM
song on now is unedited, only layed Frank's vocals over what was already there..
Chris T. 9:49:41 AM
Great stuff Jeff!
JeffB (host) 9:50:39 AM
thanks Chris!
Peter Connolly 9:54:53 AM
I'm back...short meeting!
JeffB (host) 9:56:14 AM
dammit i wanted you to hear my remix of "I Can't Breathe"..
Bot Helper® 9:59:58 AM
Nick Lowe's guitar riff reminded me of Creedence Clearwater Revival
Chris T. 10:01:54 AM
ZBC - the ultimate Culture Bunker. Good kickoff Peter!