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Sound Syrup

Jul 9, 2024 7:30 AM – 10:00 AM Start archive player

ZBC Rock

With JeffB

LIVE from way off campus

Please refrigerate after opening.

Sound Syrup
7:30 AM
Easterhouse - Whistling In The Dark
Easterhouse Whistling In The Dark
Contenders Columbia/Legacy 1986 Rock
7:33 AM
Lou Reed - Real Good Time Together
Lou Reed Real Good Time Together
Original Album Classics Arista 1978
7:42 AM
Talking to Shadows - Valentina
Talking to Shadows Valentina
Valentina - Single 1074872 Records DK2 2024
Baltimore shoegaze and dream rock.
7:45 AM
Lozenge - Aubrey Plaza
Lozenge Aubrey Plaza
Blink Into Nothing Kycker Music 2024
7:51 AM
Holy Wave - Do You Feel It
Holy Wave Do You Feel It
Relax Suicide Squeeze Records 2013 Rock
7:55 AM
Blancmange - Feel Me (Extended 12" Version)
Blancmange Feel Me (Extended 12" Version)
Happy Families London Music Stream/Because Music 1982 New Wave
8:00 AM
Apifera - Iris Is Neil
Apifera Iris Is Neil
Keep the Outside Open Stones Throw Records 2024 Jazz
8:06 AM
Heaven 17 - (We Don't Need This) Fascist Groove Thang
Heaven 17 (We Don't Need This) Fascist Groove Thang
Penthouse and Pavement Virgin Catalogue 1981 Pop
8:08 AM
Ginger Root - Better Than Monday
Ginger Root Better Than Monday
Better Than Monday Ghostly International 2024
8:11 AM
Tara Clerkin Trio - The Turning Ground
Tara Clerkin Trio The Turning Ground
On The Turning Ground - EP World of Echo 2023 Rock
8:24 AM
Guerilla Toss - Skull Pop
Guerilla Toss Skull Pop
GT Ultra Guerilla Toss USA, www.rabidrecords.com/ 2023 Rock
8:26 AM
Psychic TV - Just Like Arcadia
Psychic TV Just Like Arcadia
Allegory & Self Sacred Bones Records / Dais Records 1988 LP Classical
8:28 AM
Here We Go Magic - Tunnelvision
Here We Go Magic Tunnelvision
Here We Go Magic Western Vinyl 2009 Pop
8:32 AM
Lacuna Common - Newspaper Ad
Lacuna Common Newspaper Ad
Godspeed - EP 2024 Rock
8:35 AM
NEWSKI - Banking On Never Breaking Down Again
NEWSKI Banking On Never Breaking Down Again
Banking On Never Breaking Down Again Nomad Union 2024 Rock
8:41 AM
dogworld - 777
dogworld 777
777 dogworld 2024
8:45 AM
Stinkus - Not Like Dying
Stinkus Not Like Dying
23 Angelbaby Records 2024 Indie Rock
8:47 AM
Laika - Sugar Daddy
Laika Sugar Daddy
Silver Apples of the Moon Too Pure 1994
8:53 AM
Little Miss Echo - Hit Parade
Little Miss Echo Hit Parade
Hit Parade Little Miss Echo 2024 Indie Pop
8:58 AM
Dead or Alive - It's Been Hours Now
Dead or Alive It's Been Hours Now
It's Been Hours Now Black Eyes Records 1982 12 Inch Rock
9:01 AM
Brian Eno - Backwater
Brian Eno Backwater
Before And After Science EMI Marketing 1977
9:04 AM
Protomartyr - We Know the Rats
Protomartyr We Know the Rats
Formal Growth in the Desert Domino Recording Co 2022
9:13 AM
Slo-anne - Squelch
Slo-anne Squelch L N
Whiplash Self-Release 2024 Rock
9:15 AM
Gut Health - Separate States
Gut Health Separate States
Separate States - Single Highly Contagious 2024
9:16 AM
Au Pairs - Kerb Crawler
Au Pairs Kerb Crawler
Playing with a Different Sex Human Records 1981 Rock
9:18 AM
Mourn - Headache
Mourn Headache
The Avoider Cielos Estrellados Music SL 2024 Indie Rock
9:20 AM
Mdou Moctar - Funeral for Justice
Mdou Moctar Funeral for Justice
Funeral for Justice Matador 2024
9:25 AM
Teens - Burning Bridges
Teens Burning Bridges
Burning Bridges No Sleep Records 2024
9:29 AM
Dub Thompson - Dograces
Dub Thompson Dograces
9 Songs Dead Oceans 2014 Rock
9:36 AM
The Pop Group - We Are All Prostitutes
The Pop Group We Are All Prostitutes
wanna buy a bridge? Rough Trade US 1980 LP Rock
9:39 AM
Valley Gals - Knotweed
Valley Gals Knotweed L
The Antagonist Graveface Records 2024 Rock
9:41 AM
Jack Xander & The Gerrymanders - Like a Child
Jack Xander & The Gerrymanders Like a Child
Truck Punk - EP Jack Xander, Distributed by Cage Riot 2024 Punk
9:41 AM
Party Dozen - The Big Man Upstairs
Party Dozen The Big Man Upstairs
The Big Man Upstairs Temporary Residence Ltd. 2024 Rock
9:46 AM
Tramhaus - Beech
Tramhaus Beech
Beech - Single Subroutine Records 2024
9:52 AM
Snõõper - Company Car
Snõõper Company Car
Split 7" Electric Outlet 2024 Indie Rock
9:57 AM
Mekons - Memphis Egypt
Mekons Memphis Egypt
The Mekons Rock 'n' Roll Mekons 1989 Rock
9:57 AM
Surf Friends - Holiday
Surf Friends Holiday
Dreams Are Real Flying Nun Records 2015 Rock
Chat is archived.
Joanie 7:56:01 AM
Where are the chatters?
JeffB (host) 7:56:35 AM
just us
JeffB (host) 7:56:48 AM
it's early :)
Joanie 7:57:38 AM
You’re lucky to be on the cape.
JeffB (host) 8:02:40 AM
i know. but it's not vacation, i'm working all week..
Bot Helper® 8:36:54 AM
JeffB (host) 8:38:13 AM
Peter Connolly 8:54:41 AM
Hey Jeff....
JeffB (host) 8:55:09 AM
yo Pete! What's in store today with Alchemy?
Peter Connolly 8:55:44 AM
repeat from last Aug....I've been super busy!!!
JeffB (host) 8:58:47 AM
Joanie 8:59:22 AM
Love the old Dead or Alive. Esp Number 11.
Dj w/out 8:59:54 AM
Jamie_YBN 9:01:01 AM
Just dropped my wife off at work and when I put on ZBC, I knew it was Sound Syrup. I haven't committed the scheduled to memory!
Richard Weinfeld 9:01:45 AM
JeffB (host) 9:02:56 AM
hey Richard Hey Jamie! And DJ w/out. Thanks Joanie!
Bruckner4 9:03:16 AM
Mornin’ Jeff b, igs!
JeffB (host) 9:03:38 AM
hey Bruck!
KOTJ 9:05:10 AM
Been in since 8:30 tending my farm and makin breakfast.
Richard Weinfeld 9:08:11 AM
Ditto on Dead or Alive. They played a bowling alley in Taunton or Fall River way back when. They showed up really late, so we bowled duck pins until they showed up. Great show.
KOTJ 9:08:24 AM
They played June at Crystal
Jamie_YBN 9:12:08 AM
We used to listen to Detroit Tiger games on AM in Vermont... usually in old cars.(Maybe those antennas were stronger?)
JeffB (host) 9:12:54 AM
AM radio *does* bounce off the Stratosphere, so it's normal for the signal to cover hundreds of miles..
Joanie 9:13:44 AM
https://www.discogs.com/artist/46720-Dead-Or-Alive Hours was a bit later. I only ever saw them in London when the hit was huge and realized he was lip syncing. What year was the bowling alley show?
Jamie_YBN 9:24:10 AM
Is there name for the signals that sort of cross one another and make mashups? I would hear this stuff on the Cape a lot. You'd listening to a song you like, but the signal would waiver with another channel that perhaps had a song you didn't like.
KOTJ 9:26:51 AM
Brian Clary 9:28:18 AM
Gut Health are from Melbourne in Australia as Ron from MBR would say.
JeffB (host) 9:30:35 AM
Thank you Brian Clary! @Jamie there is a name for it.. but I forget the technical term..
"PiGuy" 9:30:45 AM
Morning all. Looking at the playlist it's a shame I didn't tune in earlier. Sleepy Berkshire morning I guess.
Jamie_YBN 9:31:04 AM
It's also interesting when the occasional alien signal mixes in there....
JeffB (host) 9:31:20 AM
@PiGuy it'll be up at soundsyrup.com I haven't been doing MixCloud lately
Richard Weinfeld 9:32:38 AM
I wish I kept my bowling scoresheet. It was after You Spin Me ‘Round. I thought they were big enough at the time to play a Boston venue. Worth the drive at any rate.
Chris T. 9:34:44 AM
Missed the wake up call for extended Syrup!
I Heart Noise 9:39:09 AM
Chris T. 9:40:37 AM
Jamie: you were listening to the Tigers via WJR-AM. The 50kw "clear channel" (nothing else on the frequency nationally) station. Not to be confused w the named company which became iheart. After ZBC, I worked w WJR nationally and many others on the sales side. It was a flamethrower!
Joanie 9:42:49 AM
Richard: no memory of DorA coming thru the area back then. Prob wasn’t as psyched anymore as the music got more cheesy and his face got less real.
JeffB (host) 9:43:25 AM
@Chris getting FM Tropos today - so FM signals can carry hundreds of miles further than normal.
Jamie Cohen (1) 9:44:24 AM
good morning
KOTJ 9:45:04 AM
JeffB (host) 9:46:04 AM
don't think i can make it
JeffB (host) 9:47:16 AM
Mornin' Jamie C!
DJ Simon 9:47:52 AM
Mornin' Jeff! Been listening while sloggin' away at my desk.
Richard Weinfeld 9:50:54 AM
@Joanie, it must’ve been on their downward spiral. Publicity was minimal. I found out from a friend who grew up in Somerset. A bunch of us went together. Pete Burbs had a big stand up fan to blow his hair during the performance. They might have been lip syncing. It wouldn’t matter though, very visual show.
Jamie Cohen (1) 9:51:48 AM
thanks for the shoutout!
KOTJ 9:52:30 AM
KOTJ 9:53:10 AM
Pre-register for drive here: https://tinyurl.com/2bc5xs7p
JeffB (host) 9:56:21 AM
Hey DJS sorry didn't say "hi" on the air.. too many things on the computer couldn't see the chat
DJ Simon 9:57:14 AM
No worries!
Dj w/out 9:58:47 AM
Chris T. 9:59:45 AM
Keep it going JeffB - victory lap!
Richard Weinfeld 10:00:05 AM
Thanks Jeff.
JeffB (host) 10:01:34 AM
thanks Chris & RW and everyone. Especially Joanie, who was here super early :) Listen to her THURSDAY on the Late Risers Club WMBR!