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WZBC 90.3 FM Newton

Voidstar Productions’ High Voltage Circumcision Show

Mar 12, 2018 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM


With Deftly-D

Since 2001, The High Voltage Circumcision show has delivered a full spectrum barrage of dark hard and experimental music from industrial to noise to idm to ebm to bizarre to audio collage often with a side of live guests, social consciousness, interviews, twisted humor, studio experiments and left turns.

Voidstar Productions’ High Voltage Circumcision Show
7:06 PM
Orgy of Noise / Bill T Miller Bungalo Bill Hollywood Arp L
7:07 PM
Meat Beat Manifesto Lurker N
Impossible Star MBM Records United States 2017 LP
7:28 PM
Kai Niggemann The Pretty Blaze N
Heart Murmur WAF80 Music 2018
7:33 PM
Cathode Ray Tube Low Ranker L N
Cathode Ray Tube - The Void And Other Structures Component Recordings 2018 Industrial
7:34 PM
Snowbeasts Midnight (Boobs of DOOM Papa Midnight Remix) L N
Snowbeasts - Transformation II Component Recordings 2018 Industrial
7:55 PM
FLUXUS Passatge مرور 02:56 N
Art Of War [industrial noise] (UPR062) CD فن الحرب
7:59 PM
Andrew R. Grant Scene 01 L N
Scenes 1-6
8:01 PM
Sawtooth Cuck (Redukt Mix) L N
Cuck 2018: The Shittiest Anniversary
8:05 PM
Squelcher Live on WZBC L N
Live on WZBC
8:44 PM
The Orb Alpine (Prins Thomas Diskomiks) N
Alpine Diskomiks - Sin In Space, Pt. 2 - EP
8:54 PM
JFK Zarathustra
Nganga Chondritic Sound 2017
9:01 PM
Orgy of Noise / Bill T Miller Live in studio L N
Live on WZBC
9:55 PM
Deftly-D Modular set live on air L N
Live on Air
9:55 PM
Bill T Miller & Deftly-D Live modular Jam N
live on air
9:57 PM
Squelcher, Bill T Miller and Deftly-D Live on air
Live at WZBC
9:59 PM
Thomas Dimuzio NG Cycles (IF I Had A Stomach Pump) N
Strategies Against Totalitarianism: an ACLU fundraiser compilation Voidstar Productions
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Deftly-D (host) 9:59:40 PM
Great to hear. Deftly/David here. Many hats worn tonight