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May 13, 2018 6:00 AM – 10:00 AM


"Four hours of spirited examination of warmaking, empire, corrupt justice, engineered poverty, lying politicians, jingoism, corporate criminality, media disinformation, and orchestrated chaos."

Truth and Justice Radio
6:00 AM
Squeaky Wheel Productions (squeakywheel.net, Trumbull, CT) Weekly edition posted 5-9-2018
Between The Lines (regular weekly feature of TJR) Available at BTL's website btlonline.org 2018
Dangerous Consequences Await Trump's Withdrawal from Iran Nuclear Deal; Trump, Pruitt Dismantling of EPA: The Intersection of Industry Capture and Corruption; First Palestine Museum Opens in U.S., Relating a Displaced People’s Story.
6:30 AM
Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (New York City) Weekly Edition posted 5-11-2018: Tim Karr on Net Neutrality Fight, Mark Trahant on Indian Country Today
Counterspin (regular weekly feature of TJR) Available at FAIR's website: fair.org/counterspin 2017
The FCC has posted notice that net neutrality rules—the ones that keep service providers from favoring websites that give them money, and slowing down your access to websites that don’t pony up—will disappear on June 11. Meanwhile, most media outlets told you that net neutrality already died on April 23. So what's going on and what's to do?
7:00 AM
Guest host Alexis Pauline Gumbs, with several others Special for Mother’s Day – Mothering: Love on the Front Lines
Making Contact (weekly international radio program) Audio and full transcript available at MC's website radioproject.org 2018
Listen to a discussion and poetry by women of color writers and editors of the anthology Revolutionary Mothering: Love on the Front Lines. They dedicate the book to “all the revolutionary mothers and all the revolutions they’ve created, because mothering is love by any means necessary.” You’ll also hear about a recent investigation into Black maternal and infant mortality.
7:30 AM
Host David Tierney interviewing Green Party activist Grace Ross Chaos around illegal foreclosures in Worcester MA L
part of Thinking Out Loud (regular weekday show on WUML, Lowell MA; new to TJR) Available by searching for "thinking out loud wuml" at archive.org 2018
This week Grace was in the middle of fighting an illegal foreclosure when she called in. The chaos and lawlessness she describes surrounding housing court and illegal evictions based on fraudulent mortgage practices of a decade ago is eye-opening and shocking. http://maapl.info/ to find out more or get involved.
8:00 AM
From our 2009 archives: the late Sherif Fam, presenting interviewers John Grebe and Ken Barney Overcoming Zionism: our interview with professor/author/psychoanalyst Joel Kovel, who died last month
This Week In Palestine (award-winning exclusive weekly feature on TJR) For a description or download of this or any week's edition of T.W.I.P., go to TJR's website truthandjusticeradio.org 2009
In the context of the then-recent damning report by the internationally respected Justice Goldstone, a self-proclaimed Zionist, and the Orwellian response of our so-called leaders in the U.S., we decided to do an in-depth interview with this famed Jewish professor. His then-recent book is Overcoming Zionism: Creating a Single Democratic State in Israel/Palestine (2007). This seems to have gotten him fired from his longtime professorship at Bard College.
9:00 AM
Hosts Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg interviewing physicist Zia Mian Doomsday and the Apocalyptic Trump Nuclear War Fighting Doctrine
Building Bridges Radio (one of TJR's trusted sources) Available soon at BB's website buildingbridges.blogspot.com 2018
Mian is co-chair of the International Panel on Fissile Materials, a group of independent experts from eighteen countries working to reduce global stockpiles of nuclear weapon-useable material. At this time of multiple crises, we discuss increasingly dangerous great power tensions, background and diplomatic options to Trumps crisis with Iran and not to be forgotten, its saber-rattling with North Korea, the state of the nuclear arms races, and paths to greater peace and nuclear disarmament.
9:30 AM
Host David Swanson Top 100 Reasons Not to Bomb Iran
Talk Nation Radio (a treasured resource for TJR) Available at TNR's website talknationradio.org 2018
On this show, Swanson names all of those 100 top reasons, one by one.