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Truth and Justice Radio

Jul 8, 2018 5:00 AM – 10:00 AM


"Four hours of spirited examination of warmaking, empire, corrupt justice, engineered poverty, lying politicians, jingoism, corporate criminality, media disinformation, and orchestrated chaos."

Truth and Justice Radio
5:00 AM
Host Bob Funke Pre-show music selection
Longtime classics and antiwar themes, wrapping up with "Universal Soldier" (Buffy Sainte Marie, 1964) and "I Ain't Marching Any More" (Phil Ochs, 1965). Our host is a Vietnam War Veteran now devoting his life to ending war, violence, and injustice.
6:00 AM
Squeaky Wheel Productions (squeakywheel.net, Trumbull, CT) Weekly edition posted 7-4-2018
Between The Lines (regular weekly feature of TJR) Available at BTL's website btlonline.org 2018
With Justice Kennedy’s Retirement, Trump Can Cement Extremist Supreme Court Majority for a Generation; 'Janus' SCOTUS Ruling Not About Free Speech, But a Drive to 'Crush the Power of Organized Workers'; 1400-Mile Bike Ride Urges Freedom for Indigenous Political Prisoner Leonard Peltier; This week’s summary of under-reported news.
6:30 AM
Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (New York City) Weekly edition posted 7-6-2018: Wayne Au on Gates’ Education Failure, Mara Verheyden-Hilliard on Criminalizing Protest
Counterspin (regular weekly feature of TJR) Available at FAIR's website fair.org/counterspin 2018
A new report finds a big Bill Gates–backed education initiative is a bust. The findings “revive [sic] questions about whether the country is well-served when America’s wealthiest citizens choose pet projects and fund them so generously that public institutions, policy and money follow—even if those projects are not grounded in sound research.” Also: While elite media preach “civility” towards those enforcing cruel and hateful policies, and Trump et al criminalize protest, they will also celebrate the Fourth of July, marking the rather impolite act of establishing national independence through revolution.
7:00 AM
Host Maria Gilardin presenting economist, author, and former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis Is Capitalism Devouring Democracy? an extraordinary excerpt from his 5-9-2018 talk at the Cambridge Forum
TUC Radio (one of TJR's treasured sources) Available at TUC's website tucradio.org 2018
In that talk Yanis Varoufakis makes the point that democracy and capitalism are incompatible. However capitalism also can’t maintain itself – he says – it is a self devouring system. And he invites us today to resolve the question of who is going to survive, democracy or the global financial system. In this excerpt of his near two hour talk Varoufakis traces the origins of the current economic crisis from 1929 through the New Deal through WWII through Bretton Woods to 2008 and beyond.
7:30 AM
Host Jeff Schechtman interviewing researcher/author David Talbot The Devil's Chessboard: A Close Look at Allen Dulles, a Father of the Deep State
Who What Why ("We don't cover the news, we uncover the truth") Available at WWW's website whowhatwhy.org 2017
In this 2015 interview, Talbot explains how Dulles was born into a wealthy and influential family, and how all his life he served the interests of America’s power elite, the true ruling class of this country. Whenever profits of American business interests were jeopardized overseas, Dulles and his CIA men made sure that “democracy” would deliver the correct outcome — by any means necessary. Whether it was through disinformation, funding opposition groups, sabotage, bribery, murder, or coup d’etat, the CIA let nothing and nobody stand in its way. Assassinate a U.S. president, and his brother, and cover it up? No problem!
8:00 AM
Host John Roberts Palestinian Expressive Therapist Khitam Edelbi describes her work
This Week In Palestine (award-winning exclusive weekly feature on TJR) For a description or download of this or any week's edition of T.W.I.P., go to TJR's website truthandjusticeradio.org 2018
Today we hear we hear an exclusive presentation by Palestinian Expressive Therapist, Khitam Edelbi. Khitam is completing her PhD through Lesley University, while actively conducting an expressive therapy program she created in the West Bank of Palestine. While in Cambridge this summer doing her academic course work, Khitam spoke at a fund raiser, describing her program, and we were there to record it. It begins with an introduction by Susan Jacoby.
8:55 AM
Speaker Jeff Klein, Boston area peace activist, interviewed by Elaine Antonia Understanding what's going on in Syria: facts that our officials don't want us to know
Recorded by The Arabic Hour Available as a video at AH's website arabichour.org 2016
It may seem odd that we would present a recording made in 2016 -- before Trump! Actually, Klein also spoke last month at First Parish in Cambridge after revisiting Syria and reconfirming the most important facts. We recorded that event side by side with The Arabic Hour. In that talk, Klein showed and relied on slides, which radio listeners would obviously not see. The Arabic Hour's video of that talk is available online, URL TBA.