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Gold Soundz

Aug 24, 2018 1:00 PM β€“ 3:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With Pete

Featuring the very best new ZBC rock, and college radio classics from the 80s, 90s, and 00s.

Gold Soundz
1:07 PM
Philip Rambow - Night Out
Philip Rambow Night Out N
Max's Kansas City: 1976 & Beyond Jungle Records 1976
1:09 PM
Joe Pernice - Tell Me When It's Over
Joe Pernice Tell Me When It's Over L
It Feels So Good When I Stop ( Novel Soundtrack) Ashmont Records 2009 CD
1:13 PM
The Neighborhoods - Prettiest Girl
The Neighborhoods Prettiest Girl L
Ace of Hearts: 12 Classic 45's Ace Of Hearts US 2006 MP3
1:17 PM
Pylon (4) - Beep
Pylon (4) Beep
Chomp DB Recs 1983 Rock
1:20 PM
Airport Girl - Power Yr Trip
Airport Girl Power Yr Trip
Honey, I'm An Artist Fortuna POP! UK, www.slumberlandrecords.com 2006
The vocals on this particular track are very Pete Shelley, in my opinion. That's a good thing.
1:23 PM
The Brommers - Miracles
The Brommers Miracles
I Don't Care (Collection Dutch Punk 1977-1983) Pseudonym 2016
1:27 PM
The Chameleons - In Shreds
The Chameleons In Shreds
Silhouettes & Statues
1:31 PM
The Ex - Frenzy
The Ex Frenzy
30 Ex Records Netherlands, www.theex.nl, ex@theex.nl 2009 Rock
1:42 PM
Mamalarky - Boulders
Mamalarky Boulders
Fundamental Thrive Hive - EP Mamalarky 2018 Rock
They seem like nice laid-back kids, if a little spaced out.
1:45 PM
Naked Giants - Dead Alien
Naked Giants Dead Alien
SLUFF New West Records 2018
1:48 PM
The Prawn - Dialectic Of ...
The Prawn Dialectic Of ...
Kingfisher Topshelf 2014 CD Rock
1:52 PM
Foxing - The Medic
Foxing The Medic
The Albatross Epitaph US 2014 CD Rock
1:55 PM
GLAZE - No Surprises
GLAZE No Surprises
Wasted Mind - EP Glaze 2017 Rock
1:59 PM
The Prids - Fragile
The Prids Fragile
Chronosynclastic This-a-Way Records 2016 CD Rock
2:03 PM
The Besnard Lakes - Albatross
The Besnard Lakes Albatross
The Besnard Lakes Are The Roaring Night Jagjaguwar US 2010 Rock
2:08 PM
Eagulls - Velvet
Eagulls Velvet
Ullages Caroline Music Australia Pty Ltd 2016 MP3
2:15 PM
Snail Mail - Let's Find an Out
Snail Mail Let's Find an Out N
Lush Matador 2018
2:17 PM
Camp Cope - The Face of God
Camp Cope The Face of God N
How to Socialise & Make Friends Run For Cover Records, LLC 2018
2:20 PM
Soccer Mommy - Cool
Soccer Mommy Cool N
Clean Fat Possum / Hostess 2018
2:24 PM
Tigercats - Rent Control
Tigercats Rent Control
Continental Drift Slumberland Records 2016
2:27 PM
The Spook School - While You Were Sleeping
The Spook School While You Were Sleeping N
Could It Be Different? Alcopop! 2018 Rock
2:39 PM
Vinyl Williams - Noumena
Vinyl Williams Noumena N
Opal Requiem pour un Twister 2018 Rock
2:40 PM
The Parlor - Something
The Parlor Something
Kiku FiveKill Records 2018 Rock
2:43 PM
High Sunn - Dedication
High Sunn Dedication N
Missed Connections PNKSLM Recordings 2018
2:45 PM
Thin Lips - Smoking's For Quitters
Thin Lips Smoking's For Quitters N
Chosen Family Lame-O Records 2018
2:49 PM
Dude York - Love Is
Dude York Love Is
Sincerely Hardly Art 2017 Rock
2:54 PM
Saline - Fast and Great
Saline Fast and Great N
You Did It to Yourself Perfect Attendance Records 2018 Rock
3:00 PM
Samia - Milk
Samia Milk N
Milk - Single Grand Jury 2018
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DJ Simon 2:04:20 PM
Luv this tune.
Pete (host) 2:05:49 PM
me too!
Pete (host) 2:06:12 PM
thanks to you for all the great shows this summer ... and more to come this fall!
DJ Simon 2:07:44 PM
Aw shucks – thanks for listenin'!