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Glazed and Confused

Apr 26, 2019 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With Amanda

You know when you’re driving that route that’s so familiar you could cover your

eyes with gauze and set your ears to a station tinged with static and still find your

way? Like the sonic version of bumper rails at the bowling lane, Glazed and

Confused gives you plush, ethereal tunes perfect for zoning out or tuning in.

Glazed and Confused
2:04 PM
Aviie - Another Summer
Aviie Another Summer
A Beautiful Tragedy Yellow Attic 2018
2:08 PM
Rose Gray - Good Life
Rose Gray Good Life
Good Life - Single 2019
2:08 PM
Julia Zivic - Bedroom Mirror
Julia Zivic Bedroom Mirror
Sugar Sugar Sugar Z Music 2019 R&B/Soul
2:10 PM
Uni Ika Ai - Already Dead
Uni Ika Ai Already Dead
Keeping a Golden Bullseye in the Corner of My Mind
2:18 PM
cehryl - Knock on Wood
cehryl Knock on Wood
Delusions R&B/Soul
2:22 PM
Ruru - Another
Ruru Another
Far Out 766393 Records DK 2018
2:25 PM
Spissy - Her Heart
Spissy Her Heart
Spissy Rock
2:28 PM
Diamond Thug - Tell Me
Diamond Thug Tell Me
Tell Me - Single 2019
2:41 PM
Oldsoul - Hurry Up, Loverboy
Oldsoul Hurry Up, Loverboy
Loverboy - EP Rock
2:41 PM
Family Reunion - Missed Connections
Family Reunion Missed Connections
Demos - Single 739682 Records DK 2017
2:41 PM
Say Sue Me - Let It Begin
Say Sue Me Let It Begin
Where We Were Together Electric Muse 2018
2:46 PM
Mustard Service - Arguments
Mustard Service Arguments
(With Your Lover) - Single Zest Pop Records 2019 Rock
2:49 PM
Club Sofa - Birthday Party
Club Sofa Birthday Party
Birthday Party - Single Club Sofa 2019 Rock
2:54 PM
Cool Sounds - Cassandra
Cool Sounds Cassandra
Cactus Country Hotel Motel 2018 Rock
2:56 PM
Breakfast for the Boys - You Got Me
Breakfast for the Boys You Got Me
Breakfast for the Boys Breakfast for the Boys 2017 Rock
3:00 PM
Oldsoul - I Fell Asleep to Twin Peaks, Pt. 1
Oldsoul I Fell Asleep to Twin Peaks, Pt. 1
Coy Rock