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WZBC 90.3 FM Newton

Maura Dot Com Slash WZBC

May 7, 2019 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

ZBC Rock

With Maura Johnston

New music and old favorites hand selected by music writer Maura Johnston

Maura Dot Com Slash WZBC
1:00 PM
Keel Her - No Control
Keel Her No Control N
With Kindness O Genesis 2019
1:04 PM
Pinky Pinky - My Friend Sean
Pinky Pinky My Friend Sean N
Turkey Dinner Innovative Leisure 2019
1:08 PM
Pom Poko - Follow the Lights
Pom Poko Follow the Lights N
Birthday Bella Union / PIAS / Hostess 2019
1:11 PM
Drahla - Pyramid Estate
Drahla Pyramid Estate N
Useless Coordinates Captured Tracks 2019 Rock
1:13 PM
Dinosaur - Kiss Me Again
Dinosaur Kiss Me Again
Kiss Me Again (Single) Sire UK 1978
1:26 PM
Nots - Half Painted House
Nots Half Painted House N
3 Goner 2019
1:33 PM
Stef Chura - They'll Never
Stef Chura They'll Never N
Midnight Saddle Creek 2019 Rock
1:37 PM
Versus - Gravity (Version)
Versus Gravity (Version) N
Ex Nihilo - EP Ernest Jenning Record Co. 2019
1:40 PM
Bettie Serveert - Crutches
Bettie Serveert Crutches
Lamprey Matador US 1995 CD Rock
1:45 PM
Vinyl Jacket - Jupiter
Vinyl Jacket Jupiter
Safari EP The Calico Print 2014
1:47 PM
Volcano! - So Many Lemons
Volcano! So Many Lemons
Piñata The Leaf Label 2012 Rock
1:51 PM
We Ragazzi - Being Alive Is Like Vandalizing
We Ragazzi Being Alive Is Like Vandalizing
Suicide Sound System My Pal God Records 2004 CD Rock
1:54 PM
Scritti Politti - Hegemony
Scritti Politti Hegemony
4 A-Sides Rough Trade 1979 12 Inch Rock
1:56 PM
Gauche - Running
Gauche Running N
A People's History of Gauche Merge Records 2019 Rock
2:00 PM
Agent blå - Something Borrowed
Agent blå Something Borrowed N
Morning Thoughts Kanine Records 2019
2:04 PM
Palehound - Worthy
Palehound Worthy L N
Black Friday Sydvolio Records 2019
2:06 PM
Fastbacks - Please Read Me
Fastbacks Please Read Me
Zücker Sub Pop 1993 Rock
2:08 PM
The 6ths - All Dressed Up in Dreams
The 6ths All Dressed Up in Dreams
Wasps' Nests Universal 1995 Rock
2:11 PM
tricot - good morning
tricot good morning N
Repeat - EP Bakuretsu 2019 Rock
2:17 PM
Marissa Nadler - Estranged
Marissa Nadler Estranged L N
Droneflower Sacred Bones Records 2019
2:25 PM
Vanishing Twin - Krk (At Home in Strange Places)
Vanishing Twin Krk (At Home in Strange Places) N
The Age of Immunology Fire Records 2019
2:33 PM
Saint Etienne - Saturday Boy
Saint Etienne Saturday Boy N
Saturday Boy - Single PIAS 2019
2:36 PM
Relaxed Muscle - B-Real
Relaxed Muscle B-Real
A Heavy Nite With… Rough Trade US 2003
2:41 PM
Bobby Conn - Rise Up!
Bobby Conn Rise Up!
Rise Up! Truckstop 1998 Rock
2:45 PM
Mr. Bungle - Sweet Charity
Mr. Bungle Sweet Charity
California Warner 1999 MP3 Rock
2:49 PM
Ex Hex - Rainbow Shiner
Ex Hex Rainbow Shiner N
It's Real Merge Records 2019 Rock
2:53 PM
Hellrazor - Landscaper
Hellrazor Landscaper N
Landscaper - Single Hellrazor under exclusive license to New Professor Music 2019 Rock
2:58 PM
Cat Princess - Silver Socks
Cat Princess Silver Socks N
Forbidden Items Rama Lama 2019