Migrating from old Spinitron

When you migrate from old Spinitron, all your station settings, schedule, show & DJ info and every single playlists will be carried over to Spinitron v2. Migration takes only a few minutes, after which users can log in with their existing email/password. Fees are unchanged. Contact us to schedule your upgrade now!

To prepare for the switch

New features include

Improvements include

  • More customization of playlist entry fields – on both station and individual DJ level
  • Drag & drop playlist import, e.g. from iTunes
  • Easier ways to share playlists and export data, including search and chart tables
  • Playlist chat is instant, has avatars and better moderation tools
  • New and easier to use API
  • Improved widgets for web integration
  • Improved automation setup, control and logs
  • Metadata push logs

After migration

Check our pages on getting started for DJs and for Admins. Check through ALL the configs in the Admin area systematically.

Encourage people to update their links, bookmarks, and shortcuts including

  • v2 login page
  • public landing page
  • the new public show and DJ pages can be found via the landing page