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Get Right w/ Cvvy

Sep 23, 2018 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM


With Cvvy

Get Right w/ Cvvy is a representation of the African Studies Minor Center. The goal is to talk about weekly issues, culture and creating a community of Berklee musicians where we promote and support each other’s music.

Get Right w/ Cvvy
6:59 PM
Cautious Clay - Crowned
Cautious Clay Crowned
Crowned - Single Independent 2018
7:02 PM
Lloyd - Get It Shawty
Lloyd Get It Shawty
Get It Shawty - Single I.G. Records, Inc.
7:06 PM
Moonchild - Voyager (Intro)
Moonchild Voyager (Intro)
Voyager Tru Thoughts Records 2017
7:07 PM
Jazmine Sullivan - Baltimore
Jazmine Sullivan Baltimore
Nina Revisited… A Tribute to Nina Simone Revive/RCA Records 2015
7:21 PM
Alicia Keys - Diary
Alicia Keys Diary
Diary J Records 2004 Vinyl
7:24 PM
Exmag - Ten Thousand Chains
Exmag Ten Thousand Chains
Ten Thousand Chains - Single Majestic Casual Records 2017
7:46 PM
Leon Thomas III - Moments After
Leon Thomas III Moments After
Genesis Leon Thomas Industries, Inc 2018
7:48 PM
Masego - Old Age
Masego Old Age
Lady Lady EQT Recordings, LLC 2018
7:51 PM
Brent Faiyaz - Make Luv
Brent Faiyaz Make Luv
Make Luv - Single Lost Kids / Human Re Sources 2018