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Jazz Revelation Records

Feb 24, 2022 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM


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Jazz Revelation Records
7:05 PM
Cosimo Boni - Marmi Sottili
Cosimo Boni Marmi Sottili
Jazz Revelation Records: Transitions (2015)
7:09 PM
Daniela Bauer - On My Way
Daniela Bauer On My Way
Jazz Revelation Records: Rebirth (2004)
7:15 PM
Pat Carroll - Mighty Aphrodite
Pat Carroll Mighty Aphrodite
Jazz Revelation Records: Common Ground
7:22 PM
Tal Even-Tzur Quintet - Snuggling
Tal Even-Tzur Quintet Snuggling
Jazz Revelation Records: Catalyst (2013)
7:28 PM
Fikira - Beko
Fikira Beko
Jazz Revelation Records: Two (2005)
7:36 PM
Simon Moullier Quartet - Element
Simon Moullier Quartet Element
Jazz Revelation Records: Catalyst (2013)
7:43 PM
Tom Kain - Glenn's Caliper
Tom Kain Glenn's Caliper Will Kain & Tom Kain
Jazz Revelation Records: Birds of a Feather (2010)
7:48 PM
Felix Peikli Quintet - Eternal Flame
Felix Peikli Quintet Eternal Flame
Jazz Revelation Records: Octave (2011)
7:52 PM
Toni Vaquer Trio - 20.10.2010
Toni Vaquer Trio 20.10.2010
Jazz Revelation Records: Transitions (2015)
7:57 PM
Joel Friedman - The Scavenger
Joel Friedman The Scavenger
Electronic Production and Design: Student Projects 2011