ArtistHot Chip
DiskIn Our Heads
Spinitron ChartJun 17 2012
Chart periodMon Jun 11th thru Sun 17th 2012
Chart stats76 stations reporting 42937 spins
Rank in chart10
Spins in chart period35
08/07/2022kaosMotion Sickness 
08/07/2022kaosTHESE CHAINS 
08/07/2022kbgaMotion Sickness 
08/07/2022kbgaHow Do You Do? 
08/07/2022kbgaDon't Deny Your Heart 
08/07/2022kbgaMotion Sickness 
08/07/2022kbgaEnds Of The Earth 
08/07/2022kbgaHow Do You Do 
08/07/2022kbgaHow Do You Do? 
08/07/2022kbgaLook At Where We Are 
08/07/2022kbutHow Do You Do? 
08/07/2022kbutLet Me Be Him 
08/07/2022kbvrMotion Sickness 
08/07/2022kbvrLook at Where We Are 
08/07/2022kdhxHow Do You Do? 
08/07/2022kdhxHow Do You Do? 
08/07/2022kmuzMotion Sickness 
08/07/2022kotoMotion Sickness 
08/07/2022kotoHow Do You Do? 
08/07/2022krfcMotion Sickness 
08/07/2022krfcHow Do You Do 
08/07/2022krfcThese Chains 
08/07/2022kusfMotion Sickness 
08/07/2022kusfHow Do You Do? 
08/07/2022kzscMotion Sickness 
08/07/2022wdrtNIGHT AND DAY 
08/07/2022wdrtHow Do You Do? 
08/07/2022weftLook At Where We Are 
08/07/2022weftNow There Is Nothing 
08/07/2022wmseMotion Sickness 
08/07/2022wojbMotion Sickness 
08/07/2022wojbMotion Sickness 
08/07/2022wortNight & Day 
08/07/2022wrbbDon't Deny Your Heart