ArtistBest Coast
DiskThe Only Place
Spinitron ChartJun 17 2012
Chart periodMon Jun 11th thru Sun 17th 2012
Chart stats76 stations reporting 42937 spins
Rank in chart12
Spins in chart period33
08/19/2022kaosLast Year 
08/19/2022kbgaThe Only Place 
08/19/2022kbutThe Only Place 
08/19/2022kbutWhy I Cry 
08/19/2022kdhxThe Only Place 
08/19/2022kdhxMY LIFE 
08/19/2022kdhxThe Only Place 
08/19/2022kdhxWhy I Cry 
08/19/2022khsuNo One LIke You 
08/19/2022kvscDo You Love Me Like You Used To? 
08/19/2022kvscLAST YEAR 
08/19/2022kvscWhy I Cry 
08/19/2022kvscDo You Love Me Like You Used To 
08/19/2022kvscThe Only Place 
08/19/2022kvscWhy I Cry 
08/19/2022kvscUp All Night 
08/19/2022kwvaThe Only Place 
08/19/2022kwvaLet's Go Home 
08/19/2022kwvaMy Life 
08/19/2022kwvaLet's Go Home 
08/19/2022kwvaWhy I Cry 
08/19/2022radioboiseThe Only Place 
08/19/2022wbnyThe Only Place 
08/19/2022weruDreaming My Life Away 
08/19/2022wfhbLAST YEAR 
08/19/2022wfhbUp All Night 
08/19/2022wfhbDreaming My Life Away 
08/19/2022wfhbUp All Night 
08/19/2022wfhbBetter Girl 
08/19/2022wmfoDo You Love Me Like You Used To 
08/19/2022wmpgHow They Want Me to Be 
08/19/2022wnmcDreaming My Life Away 
08/19/2022wnmcUp All Night