ArtistBonnie Raitt
Spinitron ChartJun 17 2012
Chart periodMon Jun 11th thru Sun 17th 2012
Chart stats76 stations reporting 42937 spins
Rank in chart23
Spins in chart period24
08/07/2022kafmYou Can't Fail Me Now 
08/07/2022kafmTake My Love With You 
08/07/2022kafmDown To You 
08/07/2022kafmAin't Gonna Let You Go 
08/07/2022kaosUsed to Rule the World 
08/07/2022kdhxStanding In The Doorway 
08/07/2022kpovUsed to Rule the World 
08/07/2022krfcSplit Decision 
08/07/2022krfcMarriage Made In Hollywood 
08/07/2022kvmrSplit Decision 
08/07/2022kvmrUsed To Rule The World 
08/07/2022kvmrRight Down The Line 
08/07/2022kvnfSplit Decision 
08/07/2022kvnfAin't Gonna Let You Go 
08/07/2022kvnfAin't Going To Let You Go 
08/07/2022kvnfNot Cause I Wanted To 
08/07/2022kzscAin't Gonna Let You Go 
08/07/2022wboiSplit Decision 
08/07/2022weruain't gonna let you go 
08/07/2022weruYou Can't Fail Me Now 
08/07/2022wgdrRight Down The Line 
08/07/2022wicnUsed To Rule The World 
08/07/2022wmfoRight Down The Line 
08/07/2022wmpgMILLION MILES