ArtistCar Seat Headrest
DiskTeens of Denial
Spinitron ChartJun 5 2016
Chart periodMon May 30th thru Sun Jun 5th 2016
Chart stats124 stations reporting 77447 spins
Rank in chart14
Spins in chart period47
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KBMFDestroyed by Hippie Powers2016-05-30► Playlist
KBUTVincent2016-05-30► Playlist
KCPRUnforgiving Girl (She's Not An)2016-05-30► Playlist
KCPRJoe Goes to School2016-05-30► Playlist
KCPR1937 State Park2016-05-31► Playlist
KCPRUnforgiving Girl (She's Not An)2016-05-31► Playlist
KCPRUnforgiving Girl (She's Not An)2016-06-02► Playlist
KCPRUnforgiving Girl (She's Not An)2016-06-02► Playlist
KCPRUnforgiving Girl (She's Not An)2016-06-02► Playlist
KCPRUnforgiving Girl (She's Not An)2016-06-03► Playlist
KDHXNot What I Needed2016-05-30► Playlist
KDHXDrunk Drivers/Killer Whales2016-05-30► Playlist
KDURNot What I Needed2016-05-30► Playlist
KDURVincent2016-06-01► Playlist
KDURDestroyed by Hippie Powers2016-06-02► Playlist
KDUR1937 State Park2016-06-03► Playlist
KDURUnforgiving Girl (She's Not An)2016-06-04► Playlist
KHOLDrunk Drivers / Killer Whales2016-05-31► Playlist
KHOLDrunk Drivers / Killer Whales2016-06-02► Playlist
KHOLThe Ballad of the Costa Concordia2016-06-05► Playlist
KMNOVincent2016-05-30► Playlist
KMUZDrunk Drivers / Killer Whales2016-06-04► Playlist
KMUZUnforgiving Girl (She's Not An)2016-06-04► Playlist
KPTZnot what i needed2016-06-03► Playlist
KSDTDrunk Drivers / Killer Whales2016-05-30► Playlist
KSJSFill in the Blank2016-06-02► Playlist
KVMR(Joe Gets Kicked Out of School for Using) Drugs With Friends (But Says This Isn't a Problem)2016-06-03► Playlist
KWVAThe Ballad of the Costa Concordia2016-05-30► Playlist
KXCIDrunk Drivers/Killer Whales2016-05-30► Playlist
KZSC1937 State Park2016-06-01► Playlist
RADIOBOISEVincent2016-05-30► Playlist
WERADestroyed by Hippie Powers2016-06-03► Playlist
WERADrunk Drivers / Killer Whales2016-05-30► Playlist
WMFONot What I Needed2016-06-04► Playlist
WMFO1937 State Park2016-06-05► Playlist
WMFONot What I Needed2016-06-05► Playlist
WNMCUnforgiving Girl (She's Not An)2016-05-31► Playlist
WNMCDestroyed by Hippie Powers2016-06-04► Playlist
WPRKFill In the Blank2016-06-01► Playlist
WRBBFill in the Blank2016-06-02► Playlist
WSUM1937 State Park2016-06-03► Playlist
WSUMDestroyed by Hippie Powers2016-06-03► Playlist
WSUM1937 State Park2016-06-03► Playlist
WSUMVincent2016-06-04► Playlist
WUOGNot What I Needed2016-06-05► Playlist
WZBCDestroyed by Hippie Powers2016-05-30► Playlist
WZBC1937 State Park2016-06-03► Playlist