ArtistCar Seat Headrest
DiskTeens of Denial
Spinitron ChartJun 5 2016
Chart periodMon May 30th thru Sun Jun 5th 2016
Chart stats124 stations reporting 77447 spins
Rank in chart14
Spins in chart period47
06/03/2016kvmr(Joe Gets Kicked Out of School for Using) Drugs With Friends (But Says This Isn't a Problem)Playlist
05/31/2016kcpr1937 State ParkPlaylist
06/03/2016kdur1937 State ParkPlaylist
06/01/2016kzsc1937 State ParkPlaylist
06/05/2016wmfo1937 State ParkPlaylist
06/03/2016wsum1937 State ParkPlaylist
06/03/2016wsum1937 State ParkPlaylist
06/03/2016wzbc1937 State ParkPlaylist
05/30/2016kbmfDestroyed by Hippie PowersPlaylist
06/02/2016kdurDestroyed by Hippie PowersPlaylist
06/03/2016weraDestroyed by Hippie PowersPlaylist
06/04/2016wnmcDestroyed by Hippie PowersPlaylist
06/03/2016wsumDestroyed by Hippie PowersPlaylist
05/30/2016wzbcDestroyed by Hippie PowersPlaylist
05/31/2016kholDrunk Drivers / Killer WhalesPlaylist
06/02/2016kholDrunk Drivers / Killer WhalesPlaylist
06/04/2016kmuzDrunk Drivers / Killer WhalesPlaylist
05/30/2016ksdtDrunk Drivers / Killer WhalesPlaylist
05/30/2016weraDrunk Drivers / Killer WhalesPlaylist
05/30/2016kdhxDrunk Drivers/Killer WhalesPlaylist
05/30/2016kxciDrunk Drivers/Killer WhalesPlaylist
06/02/2016ksjsFill in the BlankPlaylist
06/01/2016wprkFill In the BlankPlaylist
06/02/2016wrbbFill in the BlankPlaylist
05/30/2016kcprJoe Goes to SchoolPlaylist
05/30/2016kdhxNot What I NeededPlaylist
05/30/2016kdurNot What I NeededPlaylist
06/03/2016kptznot what i neededPlaylist
06/04/2016wmfoNot What I NeededPlaylist
06/05/2016wmfoNot What I NeededPlaylist
06/05/2016wuogNot What I NeededPlaylist
06/05/2016kholThe Ballad of the Costa ConcordiaPlaylist
05/30/2016kwvaThe Ballad of the Costa ConcordiaPlaylist
06/02/2016kcprUnforgiving Girl (She's Not An)Playlist
05/30/2016kcprUnforgiving Girl (She's Not An)Playlist
06/03/2016kcprUnforgiving Girl (She's Not An)Playlist
05/31/2016kcprUnforgiving Girl (She's Not An)Playlist
06/02/2016kcprUnforgiving Girl (She's Not An)Playlist
06/02/2016kcprUnforgiving Girl (She's Not An)Playlist
06/04/2016kdurUnforgiving Girl (She's Not An)Playlist
06/04/2016kmuzUnforgiving Girl (She's Not An)Playlist
05/31/2016wnmcUnforgiving Girl (She's Not An)Playlist