ArtistColvin & Earle
DiskColvin & Earle
Spinitron ChartJun 5 2016
Chart periodMon May 30th thru Sun Jun 5th 2016
Chart stats124 stations reporting 77447 spins
Rank in chart21
Spins in chart period41
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KAFMruby tuesday2016-06-05► Playlist
KAOSRuby Tuesday2016-06-01► Playlist
KDHXThe Way That We Do2016-06-05► Playlist
KRFCRaise the Dead2016-05-30► Playlist
KRVMCome What May2016-06-04► Playlist
KSYMtobacco road2016-05-30► Playlist
KSYMruby tuesday2016-05-31► Playlist
KSYMTell Moses2016-06-01► Playlist
KSYMtobacco road2016-06-01► Playlist
KSYMruby tuesday2016-06-01► Playlist
KSYMCome What May, Tell Moses2016-06-02► Playlist
KSYMtobacco road2016-06-04► Playlist
KSYMRuby Tuesday2016-06-05► Playlist
KVMRHappy and Free2016-06-01► Playlist
KVMRYou were on my mind2016-06-03► Playlist
KVMRruby tuesday2016-06-05► Playlist
KVNFTell Moses2016-06-01► Playlist
KVNFThe Way That We Do2016-06-03► Playlist
KXCIThe Way That We Do2016-05-31► Playlist
KZFRYou're Right (I'm Wrong)2016-06-04► Playlist
KZUMTell Moses2016-06-01► Playlist
KZUMruby tuesday2016-06-01► Playlist
WDBXCome What May2016-06-03► Playlist
WDBXTell Moses2016-06-03► Playlist
WDBXTobacco Road2016-06-03► Playlist
WDBXThe Way That We Do2016-06-03► Playlist
WDBXYou Were on My Mind2016-06-03► Playlist
WDBXYou're Right (I'm Wrong)2016-06-03► Playlist
WEFTHappy & Free2016-05-31► Playlist
WERAcome What May2016-06-05► Playlist
WERUCome What May2016-05-30► Playlist
WERUTell Moses2016-05-31► Playlist
WERUTell Moses2016-06-02► Playlist
WERUYou Were on My Mind2016-06-03► Playlist
WESUruby tuesday2016-05-31► Playlist
WESUYou Were on My Mind2016-05-31► Playlist
WFHBYou Were on My Mind2016-06-01► Playlist
WFHBHappy And Free2016-06-02► Playlist
WFHBYou're Right (I'm Wrong)2016-06-04► Playlist
WORTTobacco Road2016-05-31► Playlist
WZBC(7) You Were on My Mind2016-06-05► Playlist