ArtistThe Monkees
DiskGood Times!
Spinitron ChartJun 19 2016
Chart periodMon Jun 13th thru Sun 19th 2016
Chart stats127 stations reporting 76259 spins
Rank in chart6
Spins in chart period57
06/15/2016kafmGotta Give It TimePlaylist
06/15/2016kafmgood timesPlaylist
06/19/2016kaosYou Bring the SummerPlaylist
06/15/2016kaosYou Bring the SummerPlaylist
06/17/2016kbooMe & MagdalenaPlaylist
06/17/2016kboogood timesPlaylist
06/17/2016kbooWasn't Born to FollowPlaylist
06/13/2016kdhxLittle GirlPlaylist
06/14/2016kdhxWasn't Born to FollowPlaylist
06/15/2016kdhxYou Bring the SummerPlaylist
06/16/2016kdhxgood timesPlaylist
06/17/2016kdhxMe and MagdalenaPlaylist
06/15/2016kdurgood timesPlaylist
06/18/2016kmnoYou Bring The SummerPlaylist
06/14/2016kmunMe & MagdalenaPlaylist
06/17/2016kmunI Was There (And I'm Told I Had a Good Time)Playlist
06/17/2016krfcShe Makes Me LaughPlaylist
06/17/2016kvnfgood timesPlaylist
06/17/2016kvnfGotta Give It TimePlaylist
06/17/2016kvnfLove to lovePlaylist
06/13/2016kvscShe Makes Me LaughPlaylist
06/14/2016kvscGotta Give It TimePlaylist
06/17/2016kwvaMe & MagdalenaPlaylist
06/13/2016kxciLove to lovePlaylist
06/13/2016kxciLove to lovePlaylist
06/13/2016kxciMe & MagdalenaPlaylist
06/14/2016kxciBirth of an Accidental HipsterPlaylist
06/14/2016kxciYou Bring the SummerPlaylist
06/16/2016kxcigood timesPlaylist
06/17/2016kxcigood timesPlaylist
06/17/2016kxciOur Own WoldPlaylist
06/18/2016kzfrI Was There (and I'm Told I Had a Good Time)Playlist
06/13/2016kzumMe & MagdalenaPlaylist
06/18/2016wbnyLove to lovePlaylist
06/18/2016wbnyYou Bring the SummerPlaylist
06/18/2016wbnyShe Makes Me LaughPlaylist
06/14/2016weftWasn't Born to FollowPlaylist
06/15/2016weftLove to LovePlaylist
06/13/2016weruWasn't Born To FollowPlaylist
06/13/2016wfhbWhatever's RightPlaylist
06/14/2016wfhbGotta Give It TimePlaylist
06/16/2016wfhbBirth of an Accidental HipsterPlaylist
06/17/2016wfhbI Was There (and I'm Told I Had a Good Time)Playlist
06/17/2016wgdrBirth of an Accidental HipsterPlaylist
06/16/2016wicnMe and MagdalenaPlaylist
06/14/2016wmseOur Own WorldPlaylist
06/17/2016wmseGood TimesPlaylist
06/17/2016wmseYou Bring the SummerPlaylist
06/17/2016wmseBirth of an Accidental HipsterPlaylist
06/17/2016wmseMe & MagdalenaPlaylist
06/14/2016wnmcBirth of an Accidental HipsterPlaylist
06/14/2016wnmcYou Bring The SummerPlaylist
06/15/2016wnmcShe Makes Me LaughPlaylist
06/14/2016wortBirth of an Accidental HipsterPlaylist
06/15/2016wprkYou Bring the SummerPlaylist
06/17/2016wprkShe Makes Me LaughPlaylist
06/14/2016wzbcMe & MagdalenaPlaylist