ArtistThe Monkees
DiskGood Times!
Spinitron ChartJul 10 2016
Chart periodMon Jul 4th thru Sun 10th 2016
Chart stats129 stations reporting 76266 spins
Rank in chart14
Spins in chart period47
07/08/2016wxnaYou Bring the SummerPlaylist
07/07/2016wxnaYou Bring the SummerPlaylist
07/09/2016wortYou Bring The SummerPlaylist
07/08/2016wortGood TimesPlaylist
07/04/2016womrBirth of an Accidental HipsterPlaylist
07/07/2016wnmcI Was There (And I'm Told I Had A Good Time)Playlist
07/08/2016wmseWhatever's RightPlaylist
07/04/2016wmseYou Bring the SummerPlaylist
07/08/2016wmrwOur Own WorldPlaylist
07/07/2016wicnYou Bring the SummerPlaylist
07/07/2016wfhbgood timesPlaylist
07/06/2016wfhbYou Bring the SummerPlaylist
07/08/2016weruI Know What I KnowPlaylist
07/06/2016weruYou Bring the SummerPlaylist
07/09/2016wbnyA Better WorldPlaylist
07/10/2016radiofairfaxI Was There (and I'm Told I Had a Good Time)Playlist
07/10/2016radiofairfaxBirth of an Accidental HipsterPlaylist
07/10/2016radiofairfaxYou Bring the SummerPlaylist
07/08/2016kxciYou Bring the SummerPlaylist
07/07/2016kxciLove to lovePlaylist
07/06/2016kxciShe Makes Me LaughPlaylist
07/06/2016kxciLove to lovePlaylist
07/05/2016kxciShe Makes Me LaughPlaylist
07/05/2016kxciBirth of an Accidental HipsterPlaylist
07/05/2016kxcigood timesPlaylist
07/08/2016kwvaMe & MagdalenaPlaylist
07/10/2016kvscLove to LovePlaylist
07/07/2016kvscWhatever's RightPlaylist
07/04/2016kvscShe Makes Me LaughPlaylist
07/04/2016kvscGive It TimePlaylist
07/05/2016krfcMe & MagdalenaPlaylist
07/09/2016kmnoYou Bring the SummerPlaylist
07/09/2016khsuYou Bring the SummerPlaylist
07/06/2016kdurgood timesPlaylist
07/04/2016kdurShe Makes Me LaughPlaylist
07/10/2016kdhxYou Bring the SummerPlaylist
07/08/2016kdhxWhatever's RightPlaylist
07/06/2016kdhxBirth Of An Accidental HipsterPlaylist
07/07/2016kdhxGotta Give It TimePlaylist
07/04/2016kdhxGotta Give It TimePlaylist
07/08/2016kafmYou Bring the SummerPlaylist
07/07/2016kafmBirth of an Accidental HipsterPlaylist
07/07/2016kafmgood timesPlaylist
07/06/2016kafmYou Bring the SummerPlaylist
07/06/2016kafmShe Makes Me LaughPlaylist
07/06/2016kafmGotta Give It TimePlaylist
07/05/2016kafmLove to LovePlaylist