ArtistMichael Franti & Spearhead
Spinitron ChartJul 17 2016
Chart periodMon Jul 11th thru Sun 17th 2016
Chart stats128 stations reporting 76760 spins
Rank in chart20
Spins in chart period43
07/12/2016ciluSummertime Is in Our HandsPlaylist
07/15/2016kafmLove will find a wayPlaylist
07/15/2016kafmDo You Feel the Way That I Do?Playlist
07/15/2016kafmWe Do This Every DayPlaylist
07/15/2016kafmSummertime Is in Our HandsPlaylist
07/17/2016kafmSummertime Is in Our HandsPlaylist
07/11/2016kaosGood to Be Alive TodayPlaylist
07/11/2016kaosDo You Feel the Way That I Do?Playlist
07/13/2016kaosDo You Feel the Way That I Do?Playlist
07/16/2016kbmfCrazy for youPlaylist
07/14/2016kbutGet Myself to SaturdayPlaylist
07/14/2016kbutMy Favorite Wine Is TequilaPlaylist
07/14/2016kdnkMy Favorite Wine Is TequilaPlaylist
07/15/2016kdurDo You Feel the Way That I Do?Playlist
07/12/2016kfokcrazy for youPlaylist
07/14/2016kfokcrazy for youPlaylist
07/17/2016khsuSummer timePlaylist
07/13/2016krvmcrazy for youPlaylist
07/15/2016krvmcrazy for youPlaylist
07/14/2016krvmcrazy for youPlaylist
07/17/2016krvmSummertime Is in Our HandsPlaylist
07/11/2016kspcMY FAVORITE WINE IS TEQUILAPlaylist
07/11/2016kvscSummertime Is In Our HandsPlaylist
07/11/2016kvscCrazy For YouPlaylist
07/12/2016kvscSummertime Is in Our HandsPlaylist
07/14/2016kvscSummertime Is in Our HandsPlaylist
07/15/2016kvscOnce a Day (feat. Sonna Rele & Supa Dups)Playlist
07/15/2016kvscCrazy For YouPlaylist
07/11/2016kxciDo You Feel the Way That I Do?Playlist
07/12/2016kxciLove Will Find a WayPlaylist
07/13/2016kxciMy LordPlaylist
07/14/2016kxciWe Do This Every DayPlaylist
07/14/2016kxciGood to Be Alive TodayPlaylist
07/15/2016kxciSummertime Is in Our HandsPlaylist
07/11/2016kzmuGood to Be Alive TodayPlaylist
07/12/2016kzmuLove will find a wayPlaylist
07/13/2016kzmuOnce a Day (feat. Sonna Rele & Supa Dups)Playlist
07/13/2016kzmuGood to Be Alive TodayPlaylist
07/11/2016weruStill StandingPlaylist
07/11/2016wfhbSummertime Is in Our HandsPlaylist
07/15/2016wfhbSummertime Is in Our HandsPlaylist
07/13/2016whusGood to Be Alive TodayPlaylist
07/15/2016wmfoSummertime Is in Our HandsPlaylist