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DiskA Seat At The Table
Spinitron ChartOct 9 2016
Chart periodMon Oct 3rd thru Sun 9th 2016
Chart stats158 stations reporting 99938 spins
Rank in chart5
Spins in chart period87
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
WMFOInterlude: I Got So Much Magic, You Can Have It2016-10-03► Playlist
WMFOJunie2016-10-03► Playlist
WHRBMad2016-10-03► Playlist
WXNAWhere Do We Go2016-10-03► Playlist
WMUACranes in theSky2016-10-03► Playlist
WTBUCranes in the Sky2016-10-03► Playlist
KZSCCranes in The Sky2016-10-03► Playlist
WTBUCranes in the Sky2016-10-03► Playlist
WESUDon't touch my hair2016-10-03► Playlist
WESUBorderline2016-10-03► Playlist
KWVAcranes in the sky2016-10-03► Playlist
WGTBDon't Touch My Hair2016-10-04► Playlist
WGTBCranes in the Sky2016-10-04► Playlist
WXJMMad (feat. Lil Wayne)2016-10-04► Playlist
WGTBweary2016-10-04► Playlist
WRBBDon't Touch My Hair2016-10-04► Playlist
WZBCJunie2016-10-04► Playlist
KWCWCranes in the Sky2016-10-04► Playlist
WZBTJunie2016-10-04► Playlist
WZBTRise2016-10-04► Playlist
WMUARise2016-10-04► Playlist
WMFOMad2016-10-04► Playlist
KPOOdon't touch my hair2016-10-04► Playlist
WMFOMad2016-10-04► Playlist
WMFODon't Touch My Hair2016-10-04► Playlist
WZBTWeary2016-10-04► Playlist
WRBCCranes in the Sky2016-10-04► Playlist
WTBUCranes in the Sky2016-10-05► Playlist
WMUADon't Touch My Hair (feat. Sampha)2016-10-05► Playlist
WMUACranes in the Sky2016-10-05► Playlist
WMCNDon't Touch My Hair (feat. Sampha)2016-10-05► Playlist
WMCNMad (feat. Lil Wayne)2016-10-05► Playlist
WGTBDon't Touch My Hair2016-10-05► Playlist
KDURJunie2016-10-05► Playlist
KDHXDon't Touch My Hair2016-10-05► Playlist
PIZZAFMMad (ft. Lil Wayne)2016-10-05► Playlist
KDHXScales2016-10-05► Playlist
WXJMJunie2016-10-05► Playlist
KDHXJunie2016-10-05► Playlist
KXSCCranes in the sky2016-10-05► Playlist
KCPRCranes in the Sky2016-10-05► Playlist
KUOMDon't Touch My Hair2016-10-05► Playlist
WXNABorderline (An Ode to Self Care) [feat. Q-Tip]2016-10-06► Playlist
KXSCDont Touch My Hair2016-10-06► Playlist
KWVACranes in the Sky2016-10-06► Playlist
WMCNJunie2016-10-06► Playlist
WESUDon't Touch My Hair2016-10-06► Playlist
RADIOBOISERise2016-10-06► Playlist
WTBUCranes in the Sky2016-10-06► Playlist
WMCNRise2016-10-06► Playlist
KUSFWeary2016-10-07► Playlist
WMCNDon't Touch My Hair (feat. Sampha)2016-10-07► Playlist
KXSCCranes in the Sky2016-10-07► Playlist
WSUMCranes in the Sky2016-10-07► Playlist
WMCNCranes in the Sky2016-10-07► Playlist
WBCRDon't Touch My Hair2016-10-07► Playlist
WFHBCranes in the Sky2016-10-07► Playlist
KZSCCranes in the Sky2016-10-07► Playlist
KZSCMad (Feat Lil Wayne)2016-10-07► Playlist
KZSCdon't wish me well2016-10-07► Playlist
WGTBScales2016-10-07► Playlist
WXNADon't Touch My Hair (feat. Sampha)2016-10-07► Playlist
WMCNRise2016-10-07► Playlist
WTBUWeary2016-10-07► Playlist
WXNACranes in the Sky2016-10-08► Playlist
WRBBF.u.b.u.2016-10-08► Playlist
WMUAJunie2016-10-08► Playlist
KBOODon't touch my hair2016-10-08► Playlist
KMUZCranes in the Sky2016-10-08► Playlist
KWVACranes in the Sky2016-10-08► Playlist
PIZZAFMDon't Touch My Hair (feat. Sampha)2016-10-08► Playlist
WCUWrise2016-10-08► Playlist
WCUWWeary2016-10-08► Playlist
WESUMad (Ft. Lil Wayne (Additional Vocals blessed by Moses Sumney and Tweet))2016-10-08► Playlist
CILUJunie2016-10-08► Playlist
WHCLCranes in the Sky2016-10-08► Playlist
WMUADon't Touch My Hair (feat. Sampha)2016-10-08► Playlist
WCUWBorderline (An Ode to Self Care) [feat. Q-Tip]2016-10-08► Playlist
KBGAJunie2016-10-09► Playlist
WRBBCranes in the Sky2016-10-09► Playlist
KTSWDon't Touch My Hair2016-10-09► Playlist
KSDTJunie2016-10-09► Playlist
KXSCF.U.B.U. (feat. The-Dream & BJ the Chicago Kid)2016-10-09► Playlist
KXSCInterlude: Tina Taught Me2016-10-09► Playlist
KZSCJunie2016-10-09► Playlist
WTBUCranes in the Sky2016-10-09► Playlist
WTBUMad (feat. Lil Wayne)2016-10-09► Playlist