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ArtistDrive-By Truckers
DiskAmerican Band
Spinitron ChartOct 9 2016
Chart periodMon Oct 3rd thru Sun 9th 2016
Chart stats158 stations reporting 99938 spins
Rank in chart7
Spins in chart period81
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KAFMSun Don't Shine2016-10-03► Playlist
KAFMSun Don't Shine2016-10-05► Playlist
KAFMRAMON CASIANO2016-10-06► Playlist
KBGARamon Casiano2016-10-03► Playlist
KBGAWhat it means2016-10-03► Playlist
KBGAWhat It Means2016-10-07► Playlist
KBUTDarkened Flags2016-10-09► Playlist
KBVRWhat it means2016-10-06► Playlist
KDHXWhat it Means2016-10-03► Playlist
KDHXWhat It Means2016-10-05► Playlist
KDHXWhat It Means2016-10-07► Playlist
KDNKWhat It Means2016-10-07► Playlist
KDNKKinky Hypocrite2016-10-09► Playlist
KDNKWhat It Means2016-10-09► Playlist
KDURWhen the Sun Don't Shine2016-10-04► Playlist
KDURRamon Casiano2016-10-08► Playlist
KHOLRamon Casiano2016-10-05► Playlist
KHOLbaggage2016-10-06► Playlist
KPOVGuns of Umpqua2016-10-04► Playlist
KRFCRamon Casiano2016-10-05► Playlist
KRFCRamon Casiano2016-10-06► Playlist
KRFCFilthy and Fried (edit)2016-10-08► Playlist
KRVMSurrender Under Protest2016-10-04► Playlist
KRVMSurrender Under Protest2016-10-06► Playlist
KSYMEver South2016-10-05► Playlist
KSYMOnce They Banned Imagine2016-10-05► Playlist
KSYMOnce They Banned Imagine2016-10-06► Playlist
KSYMSurrender Under Protest2016-10-08► Playlist
KSYMRamon Casiano2016-10-08► Playlist
KVSCSurrender Under Protest2016-10-04► Playlist
KVSCEver South2016-10-04► Playlist
KVSCSurrender Under Protest2016-10-05► Playlist
KVSCSurrender Under Protest2016-10-06► Playlist
KVSCDarkened Flags2016-10-08► Playlist
KVSCGuns of Umpqua2016-10-09► Playlist
KWCWRamon Casiano2016-10-04► Playlist
KWCWBaggage2016-10-04► Playlist
KWVAGuns of Umpqua2016-10-03► Playlist
KWVAWhat it means2016-10-08► Playlist
KXCIWhat it means2016-10-03► Playlist
KXCIWhat it means2016-10-05► Playlist
KXCISurrender Under Protest2016-10-07► Playlist
KZUMEver South2016-10-05► Playlist
RADIOBOISEKinky Hypocrite2016-10-07► Playlist
WCUWDarkened Flags2016-10-07► Playlist
WDBXWhat it means2016-10-04► Playlist
WDBXWhat it means2016-10-07► Playlist
WERUOnce They Banned Imagine2016-10-04► Playlist
WERUDarkened Flags on the Cusp of Dawn2016-10-07► Playlist
WFHBSun Don't Shine2016-10-03► Playlist
WFHBSurrender Under Protest2016-10-03► Playlist
WFHBEver South2016-10-04► Playlist
WFHBWhat it means2016-10-05► Playlist
WFHBAmerican Band2016-10-07► Playlist
WFHBSurrender Under Protest2016-10-09► Playlist
WHUSWhat It Means2016-10-07► Playlist
WHUSRamon Casiano2016-10-08► Playlist
WHUSDarkened Flags on the Cusp of Dawn2016-10-08► Playlist
WHUSEver South2016-10-08► Playlist
WHUSKinky Hypocrite2016-10-08► Playlist
WMCNGuns of Umpqua2016-10-05► Playlist
WMMTEver South2016-10-07► Playlist
WMMTEver South2016-10-09► Playlist
WMSERamon Casiano2016-10-04► Playlist
WMSEEver South2016-10-06► Playlist
WOJBWhat it means2016-10-03► Playlist
WOJBOnce They Banned Imagine2016-10-05► Playlist
WORTRamon Casiano2016-10-04► Playlist
WORTGuns of Umpquah2016-10-04► Playlist
WORTEver South2016-10-04► Playlist
WSCADarkened Flags at the Cusp of Dawn2016-10-08► Playlist
WSCAWhat it means2016-10-08► Playlist
WTSRRamon Casiano2016-10-03► Playlist
WTSROnce They Banned Imagine2016-10-03► Playlist
WTSRSurrender Under Protest2016-10-03► Playlist
WUOGSurrender Under Protest2016-10-05► Playlist
WUOGSurrender Under Protest2016-10-07► Playlist
WVMOWhat It Means2016-10-03► Playlist
WVYCWhat It Means2016-10-03► Playlist
WVYCSurrender Under Protest2016-10-09► Playlist
WZBCRamon Casiano2016-10-05► Playlist