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ArtistNick Cave & The Bad Seeds
DiskSkeleton Tree
Spinitron ChartOct 9 2016
Chart periodMon Oct 3rd thru Sun 9th 2016
Chart stats158 stations reporting 99938 spins
Rank in chart10
Spins in chart period75
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KAOSI Need You2016-10-03► Playlist
KAOSSkeleton Tree2016-10-09► Playlist
KBGASkeleton Tree2016-10-03► Playlist
KBGASkeleton Tree2016-10-04► Playlist
KBGASkeleton Tree2016-10-04► Playlist
KBMFGirl in Amber2016-10-07► Playlist
KBMFI Need You2016-10-08► Playlist
KBOOJesus Alone2016-10-09► Playlist
KDHXMagneto2016-10-03► Playlist
KDHXRings Of Saturn2016-10-05► Playlist
KDHXDistant Sky2016-10-06► Playlist
KHOLSaturn Fings2016-10-07► Playlist
KHOLJesus Alone2016-10-08► Playlist
KPOVSkeleton Tree2016-10-08► Playlist
KQNYDistant Sky2016-10-05► Playlist
KSJSSkeleton Tree2016-10-03► Playlist
KSJSAnthrocene2016-10-04► Playlist
KSJSSkeleton Tree2016-10-06► Playlist
KSJSJesus Alone2016-10-07► Playlist
KSJSSkeleton Tree2016-10-09► Playlist
KSJSSkeleton Tree2016-10-09► Playlist
KSPCMagneto2016-10-09► Playlist
KUOMGirl in Amber2016-10-03► Playlist
KUOMGirl in Amber2016-10-03► Playlist
KUOMJesus Alone2016-10-03► Playlist
KUOMGirl in Amber2016-10-03► Playlist
KUOMRings of Saturn2016-10-03► Playlist
KUOMGirl in Amber2016-10-04► Playlist
KUOMGirl in Amber2016-10-05► Playlist
KUOMGirl in Amber2016-10-06► Playlist
KUOMJesus Alone2016-10-06► Playlist
KUOMGirl in Amber2016-10-07► Playlist
KUOMGirl in Amber2016-10-07► Playlist
KUOMGirl in Amber2016-10-07► Playlist
KUOMJesus Alone2016-10-09► Playlist
KUOMGirl in Amber2016-10-09► Playlist
KUOMJesus Alone2016-10-09► Playlist
KUSFJesus Alone2016-10-06► Playlist
KVSCi need you2016-10-04► Playlist
KVSCAnthrocene2016-10-04► Playlist
KVSCI Need You2016-10-05► Playlist
KVSCSkeleton Tree2016-10-06► Playlist
KVSCI Need You2016-10-07► Playlist
KWCWGirl in Amber2016-10-08► Playlist
KWMRRings of Saturn2016-10-06► Playlist
KXCISkeleton Tree2016-10-06► Playlist
KXCIGirl in Amber2016-10-07► Playlist
KZMURings of Saturn2016-10-05► Playlist
KZSCDistant Sky2016-10-08► Playlist
WDBXRings of Saturn2016-10-05► Playlist
WERUSkeleton Tree2016-10-07► Playlist
WERUJesus Alone2016-10-08► Playlist
WFHBJesus Alone2016-10-03► Playlist
WHUSRings of Saturn2016-10-05► Playlist
WHUSDistant Sky2016-10-05► Playlist
WMSERings of Saturn2016-10-04► Playlist
WMSEI Need You2016-10-06► Playlist
WMSERings of Saturn2016-10-09► Playlist
WNMCSkeleton Tree2016-10-05► Playlist
WNMCDistant Sky2016-10-06► Playlist
WNMCRings of Saturn2016-10-08► Playlist
WORTi need you2016-10-09► Playlist
WSCAi need you2016-10-04► Playlist
WSUMRings of Saturn2016-10-03► Playlist
WSUMSkeleton Tree2016-10-06► Playlist
WUOGGirl in Amber2016-10-04► Playlist
WUOGGirl in Amber2016-10-06► Playlist
WXNAJesus Alone2016-10-06► Playlist
WXOXJesus Alone2016-10-07► Playlist
WZBCRings of Saturn2016-10-06► Playlist
WZBTSkeleton Tree2016-10-05► Playlist
WZBTSkeleton Tree2016-10-05► Playlist
WZBTSkeleton Tree2016-10-07► Playlist
WZBTRings Of Saturn2016-10-08► Playlist
WZBTSkeleton Tree2016-10-09► Playlist