ArtistKing Tuff
DiskKing Tuff
Spinitron ChartAug 26 2012
Chart periodMon Aug 20th thru Sun 26th 2012
Chart stats73 stations reporting 40750 spins
Rank in chart14
Spins in chart period26
05/18/2024kbgaUnusual World 
05/18/2024kcsbSwamp of Love 
05/18/2024kdhxBad Thing 
05/18/2024kdhxANTHEM (Clean Edit) 
05/18/2024kdhxKeep On Movin' 
05/18/2024krfcSwamp of Love 
05/18/2024ksclBad Thing 
05/18/2024ksjdUnusual World 
05/18/2024ksjsBad Thing 
05/18/2024ksjsSwamp of Love 
05/18/2024kspcUnusual World 
05/18/2024kspcBad Thing 
05/18/2024kuomAlone And Stoned 
05/18/2024kuomAlone & Stoned 
05/18/2024kvscSwamp of Love 
05/18/2024kwvaBad Thing 
05/18/2024kwvaBad Thing 
05/18/2024kwvaSwamp of Love 
05/18/2024kwvaKeep On Movin' 
05/18/2024kwvaBad Thing 
05/18/2024wnmcStupid Superstar 
05/18/2024wnmcHIT & RUN 
05/18/2024wzbcKeep On Movin' 
05/18/2024wzbcUnusual World