ArtistRy Cooder
DiskElection Special
Spinitron ChartAug 26 2012
Chart periodMon Aug 20th thru Sun 26th 2012
Chart stats73 stations reporting 40750 spins
Rank in chart15
Spins in chart period26
05/18/2024kafmMutt Romney Blues 
05/18/2024kafmBrother Is Gone 
05/18/2024kafmThe Wall Street Part of Town 
05/18/2024kafmCold Cold Feeling 
05/18/2024kafmGoing to Tampa 
05/18/2024kafmThe 90 and the 9 
05/18/2024kafmTake Your Hands Off It 
05/18/2024kafmTake Your Hands Off It 
05/18/2024kafmMutt Romney Blues 
05/18/2024kcsbMutt Romney Blues 
05/18/2024krfcTake Your Hands Off It 
05/18/2024krfcTake Your Hands Off It 
05/18/2024kvmrMutt Romney Blues 
05/18/2024wdrtMutt Romney Blues 
05/18/2024wfhbMutt Romney Blues 
05/18/2024wfhbGoing Down to Tampa 
05/18/2024wfhbTake Your Hands Off It 
05/18/2024wfhbBrother Is Gone 
05/18/2024wgdrMutt Romney Blues 
05/18/2024wgdrThe 90 and the 9 
05/18/2024wgdrGet Your Hands Off It 
05/18/2024wojbThe Wall Street Part Of Town