ArtistJimmy LaFave
DiskDepending On The Distance
Spinitron ChartAug 26 2012
Chart periodMon Aug 20th thru Sun 26th 2012
Chart stats73 stations reporting 40750 spins
Rank in chart25
Spins in chart period22
05/20/2024kafmRed River Shore 
05/20/2024kafmClear Blue Sky 
05/20/2024kafmLiving In Your LIght 
05/20/2024kafmRed river Shore 
05/20/2024kafmTomorow is a Long Time 
05/20/2024kafmI'll Remember You 
05/20/2024kafmRed River Shore 
05/20/2024kafmMissing You 
05/20/2024kafmRed Dirt Night 
05/20/2024kafmLand Of Hope and Dreams 
05/20/2024kafmIt Just Is Not Right 
05/20/2024kdhxBring Back The Trains 
05/20/2024kdhxRed Dirt Night 
05/20/2024krfcBring Back The Trains 
05/20/2024kzscRed Dirt Night 
05/20/2024kzscTomorrow Is A Long Time 
05/20/2024kzscI'll Remember You 
05/20/2024weftTomorrow Is a Long Time 
05/20/2024wesuBring Back The Trains 
05/20/2024wesuTomorrow is A Long Time 
05/20/2024wzbc(1) Clear Blue Sky