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ArtistThe Beets
DiskLet the Poison Out
Spinitron ChartDec 18 2011
Chart periodMon Dec 12th thru Sun 18th 2011
Chart stats75 stations reporting 50704 spins
Rank in chart19
Spins in chart period22
06/24/2019kbgaYou Don't Want Kids to Be Dead 
06/24/2019kcsbWithout You 
06/24/2019kspcLet clock Work 
06/24/2019kspcWalking to My House 
06/24/2019kspcFriends Of Friends 
06/24/2019kspcLet Clock Work 
06/24/2019kvscWalking To My House 
06/24/2019kvscAs The World 
06/24/2019kvscWipe It Off 
06/24/2019kvscNow I Live 
06/24/2019kvscWipe It Off 
06/24/2019kvscI Think I Might Have Built a Horse 
06/24/2019kvscYou Don't Want Kids To Be Dead 
06/24/2019kvscNow I Live 
06/24/2019kvscWalking to My House 
06/24/2019kwvaDoing As I Do 
06/24/2019kzscWalking to My House 
06/24/2019kzscYou Don't Want Kids to Be Dead 
06/24/2019weftNow I Live 
06/24/2019weftPreso Voy 
06/24/2019weruDoing As I Do 
06/24/2019wmpgFriends Of Friends