ArtistPublic Enemy
DiskIt Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back
GenreHip Hop
Spinitron ChartDec 9 2012
Chart periodMon Dec 3rd thru Sun 9th 2012
Chart stats87 stations reporting 53636 spins
Rank in chart24
Spins in chart period25
05/25/2024kafmBring The Noise 
05/25/2024kbgaProphets of Rage 
05/25/2024kbutNight Of The Living Baseheads 
05/25/2024kvscBring The Noise 
05/25/2024kvscRebel Without A Pause 
05/25/2024kvscBlack Steel In The Hour Of Chaos 
05/25/2024kvscDon't Believe The Hype 
05/25/2024kvscBring The Noise 
05/25/2024kzscBring The Noise 
05/25/2024wfhbCountdown to Armageddon 
05/25/2024wfhbBring The Noise 
05/25/2024wfhbDon't Believe The Hype 
05/25/2024wfhbCold Lampin' with Flavor 
05/25/2024wfhbTerminator X to the Edge of Panic 
05/25/2024wfhbMind Terrorist 
05/25/2024wfhbLouder Than a Bomb 
05/25/2024wfhbCaught, Can We Get a Witness 
05/25/2024wfhbShow 'Em Whatcha Got 
05/25/2024wfhbShe Watch Channel Zero?! 
05/25/2024wfhbNight of the Living Baseheads 
05/25/2024wfhbBlack Steel In The Hour Of Chaos 
05/25/2024wfhbSecurity of the First World 
05/25/2024wfhbRebel Without A Pause 
05/25/2024wfhbProphets Of Rage 
05/25/2024wfhbParty for Your Right to Fight