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ArtistA Tribe Called Quest
DiskWe Got It From Here... Thank You 4 Your Service
GenreHip Hop
Spinitron ChartJan 5 2017
Chart periodFri Dec 30th 2016 thru Thu Jan 5th 2017
Chart stats131 stations reporting 75900 spins
Rank in chart1
Spins in chart period98
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KAOSWe The People...2017-01-01► Playlist
KAOSWhateva Will Be2017-01-03► Playlist
KAOSWe The People...2017-01-03► Playlist
KAOSWhateva Will Be2017-01-04► Playlist
KBGAWe the People....2016-12-30► Playlist
KBGAWe the People....2017-01-02► Playlist
KBMFKids...2017-01-04► Playlist
KBUTLost Somebody2017-01-02► Playlist
KCSBMovin Backwards2017-01-02► Playlist
KCSBEgo2017-01-04► Playlist
KDHXSolid Wall of Sound2016-12-30► Playlist
KDHXThe Space Program2017-01-04► Playlist
KDHXDis Generation2017-01-05► Playlist
KDNKWhateva Will Be2016-12-30► Playlist
KDNKConrad Tokyo2016-12-30► Playlist
KDNKWe the People...2017-01-03► Playlist
KDNKThe Space Program2017-01-03► Playlist
KDNKWhateva Will Be2017-01-03► Playlist
KDNKWhateva Will Be2017-01-03► Playlist
KDNKWhateva Will Be2017-01-03► Playlist
KDURThe Killing Season2016-12-31► Playlist
KHOLWe The People...2016-12-30► Playlist
KHOLMobius2016-12-31► Playlist
KHOLWe The People...2016-12-31► Playlist
KHOLWhateva Will Be2016-12-31► Playlist
KHOLSolid Wall of Sound2017-01-03► Playlist
KHOLDis Generation2017-01-03► Playlist
KHOLThe Space Program2017-01-04► Playlist
KHOLThe Donald2017-01-05► Playlist
KHOLBlack Spasmodic2017-01-05► Playlist
KMUZWe the People [Clean]2016-12-31► Playlist
KOTOwe the People2017-01-03► Playlist
KPOOWe The People2016-12-30► Playlist
KPOVThe Killing Season2016-12-30► Playlist
KSJSThe Space Program2017-01-01► Playlist
KSJSKids...2017-01-01► Playlist
KSJSWe The People...2017-01-01► Playlist
KSJSMobius ft. Busta Rhymes & Consequence2017-01-01► Playlist
KSJSSpace Program2017-01-01► Playlist
KSJSWe The People...2017-01-04► Playlist
KSJSDis Generation (feat. Busta Rhymes)2017-01-05► Playlist
KSJSDis Generation2017-01-05► Playlist
KTUHSolid Wall of Sound2017-01-02► Playlist
KUOMwe the People2016-12-30► Playlist
KUOMMelatonin2016-12-30► Playlist
KUOMKids...2016-12-30► Playlist
KUOMMelatonin2016-12-31► Playlist
KUOMwe the People2016-12-31► Playlist
KUOMMelatonin2017-01-01► Playlist
KUOMMelatonin2017-01-02► Playlist
KUOMMelatonin2017-01-02► Playlist
KUOMMelatonin2017-01-03► Playlist
KUOMThe Space Program2017-01-03► Playlist
KUOMwe the People2017-01-03► Playlist
KUOMKids...2017-01-03► Playlist
KUOMThe Space Program2017-01-04► Playlist
KUOMMelatonin2017-01-04► Playlist
KUOMWe the People2017-01-04► Playlist
KUOMThe Space Program2017-01-05► Playlist
KUSFMelatonin2016-12-31► Playlist
KUSFMelatonin2017-01-03► Playlist
KVSCwe the People2016-12-30► Playlist
KVSCThe Space Program2017-01-02► Playlist
KVSCwe the People2017-01-03► Playlist
KVSCEnough!!2017-01-05► Playlist
KXCIThe Space Program2016-12-30► Playlist
KXCIconrad tokyo ft.: Kendrick Lamar2017-01-02► Playlist
KXCIwe the People2017-01-03► Playlist
KXCILost Somebody2017-01-04► Playlist
KXCIThe Space Program2017-01-05► Playlist
KXCIwe the People2017-01-05► Playlist
RAINYDAWGWe the People....2017-01-05► Playlist
WCOMWe the People....2016-12-30► Playlist
WERUMelatonin2016-12-30► Playlist
WERUMobius2016-12-30► Playlist
WFHBLost Somebody2016-12-30► Playlist
WFHBThe Space Program2016-12-30► Playlist
WFHBEnough!!2017-01-02► Playlist
WMFOThe Space Program2017-01-01► Playlist
WMPGWe The People....2016-12-30► Playlist
WMSEblack spasmodic2017-01-03► Playlist
WMSEDis Generation2017-01-05► Playlist
WMSEThe Space Program2017-01-05► Playlist
WMSEwe the People2017-01-05► Playlist
WMUAWe the People....2017-01-02► Playlist
WMUAEgo2016-12-30► Playlist
WMUAThe Donald2016-12-30► Playlist
WOMRWe The People.... [Clean]2017-01-02► Playlist
WORTThe Space Program2016-12-30► Playlist
WORTThe Space Program2016-12-30► Playlist
WPRKwe the People2017-01-05► Playlist
WPRKBlack Spasmodic2017-01-05► Playlist
WSCAthe spaceprogram2017-01-03► Playlist
WSUMWe The People...2016-12-30► Playlist
WXNADis Generation2017-01-05► Playlist
WXOXEgo2017-01-01► Playlist
WXRWThe Donald2017-01-04► Playlist
WZBCWe The People...2016-12-30► Playlist