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ArtistJim James
DiskEternally Even
Spinitron ChartJan 5 2017
Chart periodFri Dec 30th 2016 thru Thu Jan 5th 2017
Chart stats131 stations reporting 75900 spins
Rank in chart9
Spins in chart period46
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KAFMTrue Nature2017-01-01► Playlist
KAFMin the Moment2017-01-04► Playlist
KBGAEternally Even2016-12-30► Playlist
KBOOThe World's Smiling Now2017-01-04► Playlist
KDNKHere in Spirit2016-12-30► Playlist
KHOLWe Ain't Getting Any Younger Pt.12017-01-04► Playlist
KHOLTrue Nature2017-01-04► Playlist
KRFCHere in Spirit2017-01-03► Playlist
KRFCIn The Moment2017-01-04► Playlist
KRFCHere in Spirit2017-01-05► Playlist
KRVMHere in Spirit2017-01-03► Playlist
KRVMHere in Spirit2017-01-05► Playlist
KSJSThe World's Smiling Now2016-12-30► Playlist
KSJSTrue Nature2017-01-01► Playlist
KSJSTrue Nature2017-01-01► Playlist
KSJSTrue Nature2017-01-02► Playlist
KSJSHide in Plain Sight2017-01-03► Playlist
KSJSThe World's Smiling Now2017-01-05► Playlist
KVSCsame Old Lie2016-12-30► Playlist
KVSCTrue Nature2017-01-03► Playlist
KVSCHere in Spirit2017-01-04► Playlist
KXCIWe Ain't Getting Any Younger Pt. 22016-12-30► Playlist
KXCIHere in Spirit2017-01-02► Playlist
KXCIWe Ain't Getting Any Younger Pt. 1 + 22017-01-03► Playlist
KXCISame Old Lie (Radio edit)2017-01-04► Playlist
WDRTsame Old Lie2017-01-04► Playlist
WFHBHide in Plain Sight2017-01-02► Playlist
WFHBHide in Plain Sight2017-01-02► Playlist
WFHBHide in Plain Sight2017-01-02► Playlist
WFHBsame Old Lie2017-01-05► Playlist
WHUSThe World's Smiling Now2017-01-05► Playlist
WMPGEternally Even2017-01-02► Playlist
WNMCin the Moment2017-01-03► Playlist
WNMCTrue Nature2017-01-05► Playlist
WNMCHere in Spirit2017-01-05► Playlist
WNMCWe Ain't Getting Any Younger2017-01-05► Playlist
WPRKHide in Plain Sight2017-01-05► Playlist
WPRKTrue Nature2017-01-05► Playlist
WXOXThe World's Smiling Now2017-01-01► Playlist
WZBTHere In Spirit2016-12-30► Playlist
WZBTTrue Nature2016-12-31► Playlist
WZBTTrue Nature2016-12-31► Playlist
WZBTSame Old Lie [Clean]2017-01-02► Playlist
WZBTTrue Nature2017-01-02► Playlist
WZBTTrue Nature2017-01-03► Playlist
WZBTIn The Moment2017-01-05► Playlist