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ArtistThe Olympians
DiskThe Olympians
Spinitron ChartJan 5 2017
Chart periodFri Dec 30th 2016 thru Thu Jan 5th 2017
Chart stats131 stations reporting 75900 spins
Rank in chart24
Spins in chart period33
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KAOSSirens of Jupiter2016-12-30► Playlist
KAOSVenus2016-12-30► Playlist
KAOSSaturn2016-12-30► Playlist
KAOSApollo's Mood2017-01-02► Playlist
KBMFmars/can you see me2017-01-03► Playlist
KDURSagittarius by Moonlight2017-01-02► Playlist
KHOLmars2017-01-01► Playlist
KMUDSirens of Jupiter2016-12-30► Playlist
KTUHDiana by My Side2016-12-31► Playlist
KTUHSagittarius by Moonlight2016-12-31► Playlist
KTUHMars2017-01-01► Playlist
KTUHSaturn2017-01-02► Playlist
KVNFMercury's Odyssey2017-01-05► Playlist
KVNFSirens of Jupiter2017-01-05► Playlist
KXCISirens of Jupiter2017-01-04► Playlist
KXCImars2017-01-05► Playlist
KZSCSirens of Jupiter2016-12-30► Playlist
KZSCsaturn2016-12-31► Playlist
WERUvenus2017-01-04► Playlist
WFHBSirens of Jupiter2016-12-30► Playlist
WFHBSirens of Jupiter2016-12-31► Playlist
WFHBmars2017-01-01► Playlist
WFHBApollo's Mood2017-01-05► Playlist
WFHBmars2017-01-05► Playlist
WFHBsaturn2017-01-05► Playlist
WMPGvenus2016-12-30► Playlist
WZBTPluto's Lament2016-12-30► Playlist
WZBTSirens of Jupiter2016-12-30► Playlist
WZBTPluto's Lament2017-01-01► Playlist
WZBTPluto's Lament2017-01-03► Playlist
WZBTPluto's Lament2017-01-04► Playlist
WZBTMercury's Odyssey2017-01-04► Playlist
WZBTPluto's Lament2017-01-05► Playlist