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ArtistThe Frightnrs
DiskNothing More to Say
Spinitron ChartJan 5 2017
Chart periodFri Dec 30th 2016 thru Thu Jan 5th 2017
Chart stats131 stations reporting 75900 spins
Rank in chart28
Spins in chart period30
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KAFMHey Brother (Do Unto Others)2017-01-01► Playlist
KAOSGotta Find a Way2016-12-31► Playlist
KBMFAll My Tears2017-01-03► Playlist
KBMFpurple2017-01-05► Playlist
KDHXHey Brother (Do Unto Others)2016-12-31► Playlist
KDHXPurple (Dub Version by Victor Axelrod) - EXCLUSIVE2016-12-31► Playlist
KDNKNothing More To Say2016-12-30► Playlist
KDURGotta Find a Way2016-12-30► Playlist
KDURAll My Tears2017-01-02► Playlist
KHOLGonna Make Time2016-12-31► Playlist
KHOLAll My Tears2016-12-31► Playlist
KHOLNothing More to Say2016-12-31► Playlist
KHOLNothing More to Say2017-01-03► Playlist
KHOLNothing More to Say2017-01-03► Playlist
KMUDNothing More to Say2016-12-30► Playlist
KMUDHey Brother (Do Unto Others)2016-12-30► Playlist
KPTZNothing More to Say2016-12-30► Playlist
KSJDWhat Have I Done2016-12-30► Playlist
KTUHpurple2017-01-05► Playlist
KVSCHey Brother (Do Unto Others)2016-12-30► Playlist
KXCIAll My Tears2017-01-04► Playlist
KXCIAll My Tears2017-01-05► Playlist
KXCINothing More to Say2017-01-05► Playlist
WCUWAdmiration (Cadenza & Toddla T Remix)2016-12-30► Playlist
WMUAGonna Make Time2017-01-02► Playlist
WOMRNothing More to Say2016-12-30► Playlist
WORTPurple2016-12-31► Playlist
WOWDTrouble in Here2016-12-31► Playlist
WPRKHey Brother (Do Unto Others)2017-01-01► Playlist
WSCANothing More to Say2017-01-03► Playlist