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DiskLight Upon the Lake
Spinitron ChartJan 5 2017
Chart periodFri Dec 30th 2016 thru Thu Jan 5th 2017
Chart stats131 stations reporting 75900 spins
Rank in chart29
Spins in chart period30
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KDHXLight Upon the Lake2017-01-04► Playlist
KDHXfollow2017-01-04► Playlist
KDURLight Upon the Lake2017-01-01► Playlist
KDURThe Falls2017-01-04► Playlist
KDURNo Woman2017-01-05► Playlist
KHOLNo Woman2017-01-03► Playlist
KHOLLight Upon the Lake2017-01-03► Playlist
KHSUFollow2016-12-31► Playlist
KHSUGolden Days2016-12-31► Playlist
KUOMNo Woman2016-12-30► Playlist
KUOMGolden Days2016-12-30► Playlist
KUOMNo Matter Where We Go2016-12-30► Playlist
KUOMNo Woman2016-12-31► Playlist
KUOMNo Matter Where We Go2017-01-01► Playlist
KUOMGolden Days2017-01-02► Playlist
KZSCGolden Days2016-12-31► Playlist
KZSCLight Upon the Lake2017-01-03► Playlist
KZUMGolden Days2017-01-02► Playlist
RAINYDAWGDave’s Song2017-01-03► Playlist
WFHBNo Matter Where We Go2017-01-02► Playlist
WFHBDave’s Song2017-01-05► Playlist
WMFOGolden Days2016-12-30► Playlist
WMFODave’s Song2016-12-30► Playlist
WMFODave’s Song2017-01-05► Playlist
WMSENo Woman2017-01-02► Playlist
WMUAGolden Days2016-12-31► Playlist
WSCANo Woman2017-01-03► Playlist
WSUMDave's Song2017-01-01► Playlist
WSUMOn My Own2017-01-02► Playlist
WXOXNo Woman2017-01-02► Playlist