ArtistDavid Bowie
DiskThe Next Day
Spinitron ChartMar 17 2013
Chart periodMon Mar 11th thru Sun 17th 2013
Chart stats85 stations reporting 54560 spins
Rank in chart8
Spins in chart period50
08/07/2022kafm(you will) Set the World on Fire 
08/07/2022kafmThe Stars (Are Out Tonight) 
08/07/2022kafmIf You Can See Me 
08/07/2022kafmBoss of Me 
08/07/2022kbgaThe Stars 
08/07/2022kbgaWHERE ARE WE NOW? 
08/07/2022khsuThe Stars (Are Out Tonight) 
08/07/2022khsuDirty Boys 
08/07/2022kmunValentines Day 
08/07/2022krfcValentine's Day 
08/07/2022krfc(You Will) Set The World On Fire 
08/07/2022krfcDirty Boys 
08/07/2022kusfdirty boys 
08/07/2022kvmrThe Next Day 
08/07/2022kvmrDirty Boys 
08/07/2022kvmrThe Stars Are Out Tonight 
08/07/2022kvmrWhere Are You Now? 
08/07/2022kvmrValentine's Day 
08/07/2022kvmrIf You Can See Me 
08/07/2022kvmrI'd Rather Be High 
08/07/2022kvmrDancing Out In Space 
08/07/2022kvmrHow Does the Grass Grow? 
08/07/2022kvmrYou Will Set the World On Fire 
08/07/2022kvmrYou Feel So Lonely You Could Die 
08/07/2022kvnfThe Next Day 
08/07/2022radioboiseDancing Out In Space 
08/07/2022radioboiseDirty Boys 
08/07/2022radiofairfaxThe Next Day 
08/07/2022theuThe Stars (are out tonight) 
08/07/2022theuThe Stars (Are Out Tonight) 
08/07/2022wbcrThe Stars(Are Out Tonight) 
08/07/2022weftThe Next Day 
08/07/2022weftThe Stars (Are Out Tonight) 
08/07/2022weruThe Next Day 
08/07/2022weruThe Stars (Are Out Tonight) 
08/07/2022weru(You Will ) Set The World On Fire 
08/07/2022weruValentine's Day 
08/07/2022weruDancing Out In Space 
08/07/2022weruDirty Boys 
08/07/2022wgtbHow Does The Grass Grow 
08/07/2022wmseThe Next Day/Dirty Boys 
08/07/2022wortThe Stars (Are Out Tonight) 
08/07/2022wortvarious tracks 
08/07/2022wrbbI'd Rather Be High 
08/07/2022wrbbThe Next Day 
08/07/2022wrbbWhere Are We Now 
08/07/2022wsouThe Next Day