ArtistThao & the Get Down Stay Down
DiskWe the Common
Spinitron ChartMar 17 2013
Chart periodMon Mar 11th thru Sun 17th 2013
Chart stats85 stations reporting 54560 spins
Rank in chart18
Spins in chart period42
08/09/2022kaosThe Feeling Kind 
08/09/2022kbgaThe Feeling Kind 
08/09/2022kbgaThe Day Long 
08/09/2022kbgaEvery body 
08/09/2022kbutWe the Common (For Valerie Bolden) 
08/09/2022kcsbWe Don't Call 
08/09/2022kcsbHoly Roller 
08/09/2022kdhxHoly Roller 
08/09/2022kfokThe Feeling Kind 
08/09/2022kotoWe the Common 
08/09/2022kqalWe the Common 
08/09/2022kqalWe the Common 
08/09/2022kqalHoly Roller 
08/09/2022kqnyWe the Common (For Valerie Bolden) 
08/09/2022ksjdWe the Common (For Valerie Bolden) 
08/09/2022ksjdKindness Be Conceived 
08/09/2022kuomWe the Common 
08/09/2022kupsHoly Roller 
08/09/2022kupsHoly Roller 
08/09/2022kwvaHoly Roller 
08/09/2022kwvaWe Don't Call 
08/09/2022kwvaWe the Common (For Valerie Bolden) 
08/09/2022kwvaHuman Heart 
08/09/2022wchcWe Don't Call 
08/09/2022weruKindness Be Conceived 
08/09/2022weruwe the common 
08/09/2022wfhbWe the Common (For Valerie Bolden) 
08/09/2022wfhbHuman Heart 
08/09/2022wfhbKindness be Concieved 
08/09/2022wfhbThe Day Long 
08/09/2022wmseWe the Common 
08/09/2022wmseHoly Roller 
08/09/2022wmseWe Don't Call 
08/09/2022wmseWe Don't Call 
08/09/2022wnmcWe Don't Call 
08/09/2022wojbWe Don't Call 
08/09/2022wojbWe the Common (For Valerie Bolden)