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ArtistJesca Hoop
DiskMemories Are Now
Spinitron ChartMar 16 2017
Chart periodFri Mar 10th thru Thu 16th 2017
Chart stats178 stations reporting 103202 spins
Rank in chart22
Spins in chart period60
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KAFMThe Lost Sky2017-03-10► Playlist
KAFMPegasi2017-03-11► Playlist
KAFMAnimal Kingdom Chaotic2017-03-11► Playlist
KAFMThe Lost Sky2017-03-12► Playlist
KAFMThe Lost Sky2017-03-14► Playlist
KAFMMemories Are Now2017-03-15► Playlist
KAFMThe Lost Sky2017-03-15► Playlist
KBUTCut Connection2017-03-13► Playlist
KCPRCut Connection2017-03-15► Playlist
KCSBMemories Are Now2017-03-10► Playlist
KDHXPegasi2017-03-14► Playlist
KDNKAnimal Kingdom Chaotic2017-03-12► Playlist
KHOLSimon Says2017-03-12► Playlist
KMNOAnimal Kingdom Classic2017-03-15► Playlist
KOTOMemories Are Now2017-03-14► Playlist
KSJSCut Connection2017-03-10► Playlist
KSJSSongs of Old2017-03-11► Playlist
KSJSCut Connection2017-03-11► Playlist
KSJSPegasi2017-03-12► Playlist
KSJSCut Connection2017-03-13► Playlist
KVMRThe Lost Sky2017-03-16► Playlist
KVSCMemories Are Now2017-03-13► Playlist
KVSCMemories Are Now2017-03-14► Playlist
KVSCThe Lost Sky2017-03-15► Playlist
KVSCMemories Are Now2017-03-16► Playlist
KVSCPegasi2017-03-16► Playlist
KWVAunsaid2017-03-12► Playlist
KXCIAnimal Kingdom Chaotic2017-03-10► Playlist
KXCIUnsaid2017-03-10► Playlist
KXCIThe Lost Sky2017-03-13► Playlist
KXCIThe Lost Sky2017-03-13► Playlist
KXCIThe Lost Sky2017-03-14► Playlist
KXCIMemories Are Now2017-03-15► Playlist
KXCIThe Lost Sky2017-03-16► Playlist
KZMUThe Lost Sky2017-03-15► Playlist
WERUSongs of Old2017-03-13► Playlist
WERUPegasi2017-03-13► Playlist
WFHBCut Connection2017-03-13► Playlist
WFHBSimon Says2017-03-14► Playlist
WFHBSongs of Old2017-03-15► Playlist
WFHBAnimal Kingdom Chaotic2017-03-16► Playlist
WLURPegasi2017-03-13► Playlist
WMSECut Connection2017-03-10► Playlist
WMSEunsaid2017-03-14► Playlist
WRIRThe Lost Sky2017-03-13► Playlist
WRIRPegasi2017-03-16► Playlist
WUOGThe Lost Sky2017-03-15► Playlist
WUOGAnimal Kingdom Chaotic2017-03-15► Playlist
WVMOMemories Are Now (sub/shine)2017-03-12► Playlist
WZBTAnimal Kingdom Chaotic2017-03-10► Playlist
WZBTAnimal Kingdom Chaotic2017-03-10► Playlist
WZBTPegasi2017-03-11► Playlist
WZBTAnimal Kingdom Chaotic2017-03-12► Playlist
WZBTAnimal Kingdom Chaotic2017-03-13► Playlist
WZBTAnimal Kingdom Chaotic2017-03-13► Playlist
WZBTPegasi2017-03-13► Playlist
WZBTAnimal Kingdom Chaotic2017-03-14► Playlist
WZBTAnimal Kingdom Chaotic2017-03-15► Playlist
WZBTCut Connection2017-03-15► Playlist
WZBTAnimal Kingdom Chaotic2017-03-16► Playlist