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ArtistSamantha Fish
DiskChills & Fever
Spinitron ChartMar 16 2017
Chart periodFri Mar 10th thru Thu 16th 2017
Chart stats178 stations reporting 103202 spins
Rank in chart45
Spins in chart period46
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KAFMChills & Fever2017-03-12► Playlist
KAFMI'll Come Running Over2017-03-14► Playlist
KAFMSomebody's Always Trying2017-03-15► Playlist
KAFMSomebody's Always Trying2017-03-16► Playlist
KAFMIt's Your Voodoo Working2017-03-16► Playlist
KAFMCrow Jane2017-03-16► Playlist
KAOSIt's Your Voodoo Working2017-03-10► Playlist
KAOSYou'll Never Change2017-03-13► Playlist
KAOSHello stranger2017-03-14► Playlist
KDHXHello stranger2017-03-10► Playlist
KDHXChills & Fever2017-03-10► Playlist
KDNKEither Way I Lose2017-03-15► Playlist
KGLPYou Can't Go2017-03-16► Playlist
KKFISomebody's Always Trying2017-03-11► Playlist
KKFINever Gonna Cry2017-03-11► Playlist
KKFIIt's Your Voodoo Working2017-03-14► Playlist
KKFIChills & Fever2017-03-14► Playlist
KMUZChills & Fever2017-03-10► Playlist
KRFCYou Can't Go2017-03-12► Playlist
KRFCIt's Your Voodoo Working2017-03-13► Playlist
KRFCChills & Fever2017-03-14► Playlist
KRFCIt's Your Voodoo Working2017-03-14► Playlist
KRFCNever Gonna Cry2017-03-15► Playlist
KRFCSomebody's Always Trying2017-03-15► Playlist
KRFCHello Stranger2017-03-16► Playlist
KSJSIt's Your Voodoo Working2017-03-11► Playlist
KSJSChills & Fever2017-03-14► Playlist
KSYMNearer To You2017-03-10► Playlist
KSYMHello Stranger2017-03-11► Playlist
KSYMCrow Jane2017-03-12► Playlist
KSYMHurt's All Gone2017-03-13► Playlist
KSYMIt's Your Voodoo Working2017-03-16► Playlist
KZFRChills & Fever2017-03-16► Playlist
KZUMNever Gonna Cry2017-03-14► Playlist
KZUMEverybody's Tryin' To Steal My Baby2017-03-14► Playlist
RADIOBOISEHello stranger2017-03-13► Playlist
WEFTHello Stranger2017-03-15► Playlist
WERUIt's Your Voodoo Working2017-03-15► Playlist
WERUHello stranger2017-03-16► Playlist
WERUYou'll Never Change2017-03-16► Playlist
WERUHello stranger2017-03-15► Playlist
WMEBHe Did it2017-03-16► Playlist
WMSEYou'll Never Change2017-03-12► Playlist
WORTHello stranger2017-03-10► Playlist
WXPRhello stranger2017-03-10► Playlist
WXPRI'll come running over2017-03-10► Playlist