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ArtistRolling Blackouts Coastal Fever
DiskThe French Press - EP
Spinitron ChartMar 16 2017
Chart periodFri Mar 10th thru Thu 16th 2017
Chart stats178 stations reporting 103202 spins
Rank in chart47
Spins in chart period45
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KAFMFountain of Good Fortune2017-03-10► Playlist
KBMFFrench Press2017-03-10► Playlist
KBMFFountain of Good Fortune2017-03-10► Playlist
KCPRSick Bug2017-03-10► Playlist
KCPRFrench Press2017-03-14► Playlist
KCPRJulie's Place2017-03-14► Playlist
KDHXJulie's Place2017-03-15► Playlist
KDHXDig Up2017-03-16► Playlist
KDURFountain of Good Fortune2017-03-10► Playlist
KDURjulie's place2017-03-13► Playlist
KDURJulie's Place2017-03-14► Playlist
KHSUFrench Press2017-03-11► Playlist
KRUIFrench Press2017-03-10► Playlist
KSJSSick Bug2017-03-16► Playlist
KVMRFrench Press2017-03-10► Playlist
KVNFFrench Press2017-03-10► Playlist
KVSCDig Up2017-03-13► Playlist
KVSCJulie's Place2017-03-14► Playlist
KVSCFrench Press2017-03-14► Playlist
KVSCFountain of Good Fortune2017-03-14► Playlist
KVSCFrench Press2017-03-15► Playlist
KXCISick Bug2017-03-15► Playlist
KXUAFrench Press2017-03-13► Playlist
KXUAJulie's Place2017-03-14► Playlist
KXUAFrench Press2017-03-14► Playlist
KXUAJulie's Place2017-03-15► Playlist
RADIOFAIRFAXJulie's Place2017-03-15► Playlist
WGDRFountain of Good Fortune2017-03-14► Playlist
WLURJulie's Place2017-03-15► Playlist
WLURJulie's Place2017-03-16► Playlist
WMEBFrench Press2017-03-15► Playlist
WMPGsick bug2017-03-15► Playlist
WMPGjulie's place2017-03-15► Playlist
WMSEFrench Press2017-03-13► Playlist
WMSEFrench Press2017-03-14► Playlist
WMUAFrench Press2017-03-11► Playlist
WPSCJulie's Place2017-03-10► Playlist
WRIRJulie's Place2017-03-11► Playlist
WRIRFrench Press2017-03-16► Playlist
WRUWFrench Press2017-03-12► Playlist
WSUMFountain of Good Fortune2017-03-13► Playlist
WTBUFrench Press2017-03-15► Playlist
WXJMFrench Press2017-03-13► Playlist
WXJMFrench Press2017-03-16► Playlist
WXNAFrench Press2017-03-16► Playlist