ArtistDavid Bowie
DiskThe Next Day
Spinitron ChartApr 21 2013
Chart periodMon Apr 15th thru Sun 21st 2013
Chart stats89 stations reporting 53673 spins
Rank in chart23
Spins in chart period34
08/18/2022kafmWhere are We Now? 
08/18/2022kcprThe Next Day 
08/18/2022kcprValentine's Day 
08/18/2022kcprBoss Of Me 
08/18/2022kcprValentine'S Day 
08/18/2022kcprdirty boys 
08/18/2022kcprDancing Out In Space 
08/18/2022kdhxLove Is Lost 
08/18/2022kdhxThe Next Day 
08/18/2022kdhxLove Is Lost 
08/18/2022krfcYou Feel So Lonely You Could Die 
08/18/2022kvscValentines Day 
08/18/2022kvsc(you will) Set the World on Fire 
08/18/2022kvscThe Stars (Are Out Tonight) 
08/18/2022kvscThe Next Day 
08/18/2022kvsc(you will) Set the World on Fire 
08/18/2022kwmrThe Next Day 
08/18/2022kzfrWHERE ARE WE NOW? 
08/18/2022wfhbThe Stars (Are Out Tonight) 
08/18/2022wfhbDancing Out In Space 
08/18/2022wfhb(You Will) Set The World On Fire 
08/18/2022wgdrDancing Out in Space 
08/18/2022wmmtStars Are Out 
08/18/2022wmpgthe stars (are out tonight0 
08/18/2022wmseDirty Boys 
08/18/2022wmseDirty Boys 
08/18/2022wmse(you will) Set the World on Fire 
08/18/2022wmseHow Does The Grass Grow? 
08/18/2022wmseBoss Of Me 
08/18/2022wmseYou feel so lonely you could die 
08/18/2022wmseHow Does the Grass Grow? 
08/18/2022wmseThe Stars (Are Out Tonight) 
08/18/2022wmseI'd Rather Be High