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ArtistCraig Finn
DiskWe All Want the Same Things
Spinitron ChartMar 16 2017
Chart periodFri Mar 10th thru Thu 16th 2017
Chart stats178 stations reporting 103202 spins
Rank in chart80
Spins in chart period31
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KAFMTracking Shots2017-03-10► Playlist
KBUTNinety Bucks2017-03-13► Playlist
KDHXJester & June2017-03-10► Playlist
KDHXGod In Chicago2017-03-13► Playlist
KDHXTangletown2017-03-15► Playlist
KDURJester & June2017-03-10► Playlist
KMNOPreludes2017-03-15► Playlist
KMUDBirds Trapped In an Airport2017-03-10► Playlist
KXCIGod in Chicago2017-03-10► Playlist
KXCINinety Bucks2017-03-13► Playlist
KXCIPreludes2017-03-14► Playlist
KXCIJester & June2017-03-15► Playlist
KXCIIt Hits When It Hits2017-03-16► Playlist
KXCIGod in Chicago2017-03-16► Playlist
WLURPreludes2017-03-16► Playlist
WMSERescue Blues2017-03-14► Playlist
WNMCBirds Trapped in the Airport2017-03-11► Playlist
WNMCGod in Chicago2017-03-11► Playlist
WNMCRescue Blues2017-03-11► Playlist
WORTTracking Shots2017-03-14► Playlist
WVMOTracking Shots2017-03-12► Playlist
WZBCGod in Chicago2017-03-12► Playlist
WZBTTracking Shots2017-03-10► Playlist
WZBTPreludes2017-03-10► Playlist
WZBTTracking Shots2017-03-11► Playlist
WZBTTracking Shots2017-03-12► Playlist
WZBTTracking Shots2017-03-13► Playlist
WZBTRescue Blues2017-03-13► Playlist
WZBTPreludes2017-03-14► Playlist
WZBTTracking Shots2017-03-15► Playlist
WZBTTracking Shots2017-03-16► Playlist