ArtistGuided By Voices
DiskEnglish Little League
Spinitron ChartMay 5 2013
Chart periodMon Apr 29th thru Sun May 5th 2013
Chart stats89 stations reporting 55259 spins
Rank in chart17
Spins in chart period39
09/26/2020kafmTrash Can Full of Nails 
09/26/2020kafmSend To Celeste 
09/26/2020kaosIslands (She Talks In Rainbows) 
09/26/2020kaosTaciturn Cave 
09/26/2020kaosTrashcan Full of Nails 
09/26/2020kaosXeno Pariah 
09/26/2020kbgaFlunky Minnows 
09/26/2020kdhxIslands (She Talks In Rainbows) 
09/26/2020khsuBiographer Seahorse 
09/26/2020ksjsTrash Can Full of Nails 
09/26/2020ksjsthe quiet game 
09/26/2020kupsIslands (She Talks In Rainbows) 
09/26/2020wesuTaciturn Cave 
09/26/2020wmfoThe Quiet Game 
09/26/2020wmseIslands (She Talks In Rainbows) 
09/26/2020wmseThe Quiet Game 
09/26/2020wnmcIslands (She Talks In Rainbows) 
09/26/2020wojbIslands (She Talks In Rainbows) 
09/26/2020wortXeno Pariah 
09/26/2020wortKnow Me As Heavy 
09/26/2020wortIslands (She Talks In Rainbows) 
09/26/2020wortTrash Can Full of Nails 
09/26/2020wortSend To Celeste 
09/26/2020wortThe Quiet Game 
09/26/2020wortNoble Insect 
09/26/2020wortSir Garlic Breath 
09/26/2020wortCrybaby 4 Star Hotel 
09/26/2020wortBiographer Seahorse 
09/26/2020wortFlunky Minnows 
09/26/2020wortThe Sudden Death Of Epstein's Ways 
09/26/2020wortReflections In A Metal Whistle 
09/26/2020wortTaciturn Cave 
09/26/2020wortA Burning Glass 
09/26/2020wortW/Glass In Foot 
09/26/2020wprktrashcan full of nails 
09/26/2020wtbuKnow Me As Heavy 
09/26/2020wzbcFlunky Minnows 
09/26/2020wzbcTrashcan Full of Nails