ArtistPatty Griffin
DiskAmerican Kid
Spinitron ChartMay 5 2013
Chart periodMon Apr 29th thru Sun May 5th 2013
Chart stats89 stations reporting 55259 spins
Rank in chart24
Spins in chart period35
09/26/2020kafmWhere You Wanna Go 
09/26/2020kafmHighway Song 
09/26/2020kafmDon't Let Me Die In Florida 
09/26/2020kafmGonna Miss You When Your Gone 
09/26/2020kafmFaithful Son 
09/26/2020kafm8 that kind of lonely 
09/26/2020kdhxDon't Let Me Die In Florida 
09/26/2020kdhxWild Old Dof 
09/26/2020kdhxDon't Let Me Die in Florida 
09/26/2020kdhxWherever You Wanna Go 
09/26/2020kdhxWild Old Dog 
09/26/2020kdhxWild Old Dog 
09/26/2020krfcGo Wherever You Wanna Go 
09/26/2020kzyxGo Wherever You Want To Go 
09/26/2020wboiDont Let Me Die In Florida 
09/26/2020weruGo Wherever You Wanna Go 
09/26/2020weruGonna Miss You When You're Gone 
09/26/2020weruFaithful Son 
09/26/2020weruDon't Let Me Die in Florida 
09/26/2020weruWild Old Dog 
09/26/2020weruWild Old Dog 
09/26/2020wfhbDon't Let Me Die In Florida 
09/26/2020wfhbGonna Miss You When You're Gone 
09/26/2020wfhbGo Wherever You Wanna Go 
09/26/2020wfhbWild Old Dog 
09/26/2020wfhbOHIO (feat. Robert Plant) 
09/26/2020wfhbOHIO (feat. Robert Plant) 
09/26/2020wicnFaithful Son 
09/26/2020wzbc(1) Go Wherever You Wanna Go