DiskRide Your Heart
Spinitron ChartMay 12 2013
Chart periodMon May 6th thru Sun 12th 2013
Chart stats89 stations reporting 53087 spins
Rank in chart20
Spins in chart period35
04/23/2024kbgaRide Your Heart 
04/23/2024kbgaLooking For a Fight 
04/23/2024kbutDead In Your Head 
04/23/2024kcprNext Stop 
04/23/2024kcprDreaming Without You 
04/23/2024kdhxSearching Through the Past 
04/23/2024krfcDead In Your Head 
04/23/2024ksjdDreaming Without You 
04/23/2024ksjsDreaming Without You 
04/23/2024kspcRide Your Heart 
04/23/2024kspcDead In Your Head 
04/23/2024kspcLove Spells 
04/23/2024kspcSearching Through the Past 
04/23/2024kspcLooking For a Fight 
04/23/2024kspcDead In Your Head 
04/23/2024kuomNext Stop 
04/23/2024kuomLove Spells 
04/23/2024kuomWaiting By the Telephone 
04/23/2024kuomNext Stop 
04/23/2024kuomWaiting By the Telephone 
04/23/2024kupsDead In Your Head 
04/23/2024kupsSearching Through the Past 
04/23/2024kwvaNext Stop 
04/23/2024weftLooking For a Fight 
04/23/2024wmpgWaiting By the Telephone 
04/23/2024wmseNext Stop 
04/23/2024wnmcDead In Your Head 
04/23/2024wojbDead In Your Head 
04/23/2024wortOutta My Mind 
04/23/2024wprklookinf for a fight 
04/23/2024wprkRide Your Heart 
04/23/2024wprkDead In Your Head 
04/23/2024wprkOutta My MInd 
04/23/2024wzbcDead In Your Head 
04/23/2024wzbcDead In Your Head