ArtistThe New Pornographers
DiskWhiteout Conditions
Spinitron ChartMay 25 2017
Chart periodFri May 19th thru Thu 25th 2017
Chart stats165 stations reporting 99264 spins
Rank in chart21
Spins in chart period58
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KAFMThis Is The World Of The Theater2017-05-20► Playlist
KAFMWhiteout Conditions2017-05-22► Playlist
KAFMPlay Money2017-05-24► Playlist
KCSBWe've Been Here Before2017-05-23► Playlist
KDHXThis Is The World Of The Theater2017-05-22► Playlist
KDHXDarling Shade2017-05-24► Playlist
KDHXHigh Ticket Attractions2017-05-25► Playlist
KDURDarling Shade2017-05-20► Playlist
KDURThis Is the World of the Theatre2017-05-24► Playlist
KDURDarling Shade2017-05-24► Playlist
KKCRDarling Shade2017-05-20► Playlist
KMUZColosseums2017-05-20► Playlist
KQALDarling Shade2017-05-22► Playlist
KSJSAvalanche Alley2017-05-19► Playlist
KSJSAvalanche Alley2017-05-21► Playlist
KSJSAvalanche Alley2017-05-22► Playlist
KSJSAvalanche Alley2017-05-25► Playlist
KUSFThis Is The World Of The Theater2017-05-20► Playlist
KVSCDarling Shade2017-05-19► Playlist
KVSCPlay Money2017-05-22► Playlist
KVSCWhiteout Conditions2017-05-22► Playlist
KVSCDarling Shade2017-05-23► Playlist
KVSCJuke2017-05-23► Playlist
KVSCSecond Sleep2017-05-23► Playlist
KVSCWhiteout Conditions2017-05-24► Playlist
KVSCJuke2017-05-24► Playlist
KVSCPlay Money2017-05-25► Playlist
KXCIColosseums2017-05-19► Playlist
KXCIHigh Ticket Attractions2017-05-22► Playlist
KXCIThis Is the World of the Theatre2017-05-23► Playlist
KXCIThis Is the World of the Theatre2017-05-23► Playlist
WDBMHigh Ticket Attractions2017-05-19► Playlist
WDBMHigh Ticket Attractions2017-05-20► Playlist
WDBMHigh Ticket Attractions2017-05-21► Playlist
WERUWhiteout Conditions2017-05-19► Playlist
WLTLHigh Ticket Attractions2017-05-20► Playlist
WMEBHigh Ticket Attractions2017-05-21► Playlist
WNMCThis Is The World Of The Theatre2017-05-24► Playlist
WRUWColosseums2017-05-21► Playlist
WSFMThis Is The World Of The Theater2017-05-19► Playlist
WSFMPlay Money2017-05-20► Playlist
WSFMPlay Money2017-05-22► Playlist
WSUMDarling Shade2017-05-21► Playlist
WVMOHigh Ticket Attractions2017-05-25► Playlist
WXPRHigh Ticket Attractions2017-05-22► Playlist
WZBCHigh Ticket Attractions2017-05-25► Playlist
WZBTColosseums2017-05-19► Playlist
WZBTAvalanche Alley2017-05-20► Playlist
WZBTColosseums2017-05-20► Playlist
WZBTColosseums2017-05-21► Playlist
WZBTThis Is The World Of The Theater2017-05-22► Playlist
WZBTHigh Ticket Attractions2017-05-22► Playlist
WZBTPlay Money2017-05-22► Playlist
WZBTColosseums2017-05-23► Playlist
WZBTDarling Shade2017-05-24► Playlist
WZBTHigh Ticket Attractions2017-05-25► Playlist
WZBTPlay Money2017-05-25► Playlist
WZBTAvalanche Alley2017-05-25► Playlist