ArtistRay Davies
Spinitron ChartMay 25 2017
Chart periodFri May 19th thru Thu 25th 2017
Chart stats165 stations reporting 99264 spins
Rank in chart30
Spins in chart period46
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KAFMA Place in Your Heart2017-05-24► Playlist
KAOSPoetry2017-05-20► Playlist
KBGAThe Deal2017-05-22► Playlist
KBGAThe Deal2017-05-23► Playlist
KBGAThe Deal2017-05-24► Playlist
KBOOAmericana2017-05-23► Playlist
KDHXRock 'N' Roll Cowboys2017-05-19► Playlist
KDHXWings Of Fantasy2017-05-25► Playlist
KHNSChange for Change2017-05-19► Playlist
KHSUThe Great Highway2017-05-22► Playlist
KKCRChange for Change2017-05-22► Playlist
KOTOAmericana2017-05-23► Playlist
KRFCThe Great Highway2017-05-19► Playlist
KRFCThe Great Highway2017-05-24► Playlist
KRFCRock-n-Roll Cowboys2017-05-23► Playlist
KRFCChange for Change2017-05-24► Playlist
KRFCPoetry2017-05-25► Playlist
KRFCThe Great Highway2017-05-25► Playlist
KRFCAmericana2017-05-25► Playlist
KRVMpoetry2017-05-23► Playlist
KRZAThe Great Highway2017-05-21► Playlist
KRZAAmericana2017-05-22► Playlist
KSJDpoetry2017-05-22► Playlist
KWMRThe Man Upstairs2017-05-22► Playlist
KWMRI've heard that Beat Before2017-05-22► Playlist
KXCIAmericana2017-05-23► Playlist
KXCIThe Invaders2017-05-23► Playlist
KXCIThe Great Highway2017-05-25► Playlist
KXCIWings of Fantasy2017-05-25► Playlist
KZUMChange for Change2017-05-24► Playlist
KZUMThe Man Upstairs2017-05-24► Playlist
KZUMI've Heard That Beat Before2017-05-24► Playlist
WCUWAmericana2017-05-19► Playlist
WCUWAmericana2017-05-23► Playlist
WERURock & Roll Cowboys2017-05-19► Playlist
WFHBThe Great Highway2017-05-23► Playlist
WFHBA Place in Your Heart2017-05-23► Playlist
WGDRRock and Roll Cowboys2017-05-23► Playlist
WHUSAmericana2017-05-21► Playlist
WHUSA Place In Your Heart2017-05-21► Playlist
WHUSAmericana2017-05-22► Playlist
WMSEPoetry2017-05-19► Playlist
WMSEWings Of Fantasy2017-05-25► Playlist
WORTChange for Change2017-05-19► Playlist
WORTThe Great Highway2017-05-23► Playlist
WORTThe Invaders2017-05-23► Playlist