Spinitron ChartMay 25 2017
Chart periodFri May 19th thru Thu 25th 2017
Chart stats165 stations reporting 99264 spins
Rank in chart60
Spins in chart period31
StationSongPlaylist DateView playlist
KAFMLeave the Light on2017-05-25► Playlist
KVSCWalk On2017-05-19► Playlist
KVSCKai's Song2017-05-19► Playlist
KVSCSmaller Than My Mother2017-05-19► Playlist
KVSCSmaller Than My Mother2017-05-22► Playlist
KVSCWalk On2017-05-23► Playlist
KVSCLeave the Light on2017-05-23► Playlist
KVSCLeave the Light On2017-05-23► Playlist
KVSCKai's Song2017-05-24► Playlist
KVSCKai's Song2017-05-25► Playlist
RADIOBOISEHold Me close2017-05-23► Playlist
RADIOBOISELeave the Light on2017-05-24► Playlist
WDBMHold Me Close2017-05-19► Playlist
WDBMHold Me Close2017-05-20► Playlist
WDBMHold Me Close2017-05-21► Playlist
WDBMHold Me Close2017-05-22► Playlist
WDBMHold Me Close2017-05-23► Playlist
WDBMHold Me Close2017-05-24► Playlist
WDBMHold Me Close2017-05-25► Playlist
WDBMHold Me Close2017-05-25► Playlist
WESUfather2017-05-23► Playlist
WFHBLeave the Light on2017-05-19► Playlist
WFHBKai's Song2017-05-19► Playlist
WFHB232017-05-22► Playlist
WFHB232017-05-24► Playlist
WLURHold Me close2017-05-19► Playlist
WLURKai's Song2017-05-23► Playlist
WLURHold Me close2017-05-24► Playlist
WRIRHold Me Close2017-05-22► Playlist
WTIPLeave the Light on2017-05-20► Playlist
WUMLKai's Song2017-05-22► Playlist